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Top 5 Indoor Strains

Perfect indoor cannabis strains share several key characteristics, including a compact structure that’s easy to conceal, high THC content, flavorful terpenes, and rewarding yields. These strains meet all of those criteria. There are both pros and cons associated with growing cannabis indoors. On the upside, growers have nearly complete control over their plants’ environment. This […]

What Is Trichoderma

Trichoderma is a genus of fungi that helps protect plant roots against soil-borne pathogenic fungi while also promoting healthy growth and nutrient uptake. Learn more about how Trichoderma can benefit your cannabis grow operation. Maybe you’ve come across the term Trichoderma in conversation with other weed growers, while researching ways to improve your cannabis grows, […]

Baking Soda And Weed: How to Use Baking Soda When Growing Cannabis

You might not believe it, but baking soda could be a key component in your cannabis cultivation. This cheap and easily accessible solution can help raise pH levels, fight powdery mildew, keep pests at bay, and even wash buds post-harvest. But used incorrectly, baking soda come with some risks. Read on to learn everything you […]

Cannabis Topicals 101: How to Make Cannabis Lotions

If you’re shopping for CBD, it’s key to locate the best product that fits your needs and lifestyle. A lot of people typically think tinctures are the most popular option when in reality, not everyone prefers that method. Instead, a good number of individuals choose topical products like creams, salves, gels, and lotions because they […]

Cannabis and Studies: Could Weed Help You Study Better?

Be introspective and think about how your cannabis use is impacting your studies as a university student. Some research even suggests that consuming it moderate amounts could be helpful. Here’s our guide to watching out for the signs that indicate you should cut back. It can be tough to concentrate and get down to business […]

Thai Weed: What Travelers Need To Know

Although it’s not yet on the same level as Amsterdam, Thailand is gradually becoming more cannabis-friendly. In a momentous decision, the Thai government took marijuana off the narcotics list, meaning people can grow however many plants they want at home and restaurants can cook with cannabis. However, because the law still has lots of grey […]

Becoming a Budtender: What You Need to Know

Budtenders are the people you’ll go to when you’re looking for information about cannabis products. They work in dispensaries and are responsible for helping customers find the right products for their needs. Budtenders are trained to recommend products based on the customer’s preferences and needs. They can also answer any questions you have about cannabis […]