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Top Cannabis Strains For Creativity And Focus: Marijuana for Artists

creativity is hard to come by; it’s a result of several things work in tandem. However, if you’re looking for something to give you a little nudge in the right direction and help those ideas start flowing, look no further than this blog on marijuana strains! You’ll find everything from tips on what works best […]

Afghan Habibi Review for 2022

Afghan Habibi Hash dates back to some of the earliest days of cannabis concentrate use, and it was popular in Persia, Egypt, and Central Asia. Even now, millennia later, Afghan Habibi Hash is still popular even as other cannabis concentrates have become more prevalent in the recently-legal industry. If you want to learn about hash–including […]

Cannabis Microdosing for Anxiety: How It Works

The purpose of the information on this website is to provide general information only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. With anxiety disorders affecting a large percentage of American adults, prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs are common. Unfortunately, many of these drugs have severe side effects. Due to the unpleasant side effects of […]

What Are Cannabis Tolerance Breaks, and Should You Consider One?

Tolerance is when the body no longer reacts to a medicine or substance as it did initially. The person now needs more of the substance to get the same effects that they used to with smaller doses. With a high tolerance, much larger doses are needed. Tolerance breaks, or short t-breaks, let your body have […]

Weed and Relationship: Does Smoking Weed Affect Relationships

Smoking weed with your partner can have benefits like being stimulating and hilarious, or it can be relaxing. But if you abuse cannabis, it will tear people apart and damage relationships. Here we look at how to use cannabis responsibly in a relationship, and how to talk about important issues related to it. Some couples […]

Cannabis in Argentina

Argentines can now register for an exception that allows them to grow, transport, and consume cannabis legally. The same provisions also extend to buying cannabis seeds locally, provided the specific varieties meet the country’s updated framework. Although renowned for its steaks, fine wines, legendary footballers, and current Pope Francis- Argentina is also the second largest […]