How to Make Homemade Bong

how to make homemade bong 4 - How to Make Homemade Bong

Don’t have papers or a bong? Is your stash of weed sitting untouched due to lack of supplies? Fear not! Here we will show you three creative and resourceful ways to make DIY homemade bongs. So don’t let the absence of materials get in the way; with these tips, you’ll be smoking blissfully in no time!

In times of need, how can we get our THC fix if there’s no smoking apparatus in sight? Fear not! There are plenty of alternative solutions when it comes to consuming cannabis that don’t require rolling papers or a pipe.

With just a few commonly found materials, we’ll be demonstrating how to construct your very own bong or pipe. Whether you’re stuck at home with limited supplies, this article will ensure that smoking marijuana remains an easy and enjoyable activity no matter the situation!

The Basics of Bong Making

If you have marijuana but no device to smoke it with, don’t worry; there are plenty of simple solutions. You can easily find objects from around the house that can be repurposed into a functional bong or pipe. Get creative and reinvent your smoking experience! Making a bong or pipe may not always be the ideal way to appreciate your bud, but it will definitely get you high! For pieces that actually work, there are two primary components that need to be in place:

  • Somewhere for the weed to sit and burn
  • A mouthpiece that you can draw through

In order to craft a dependable DIY bong when you’re otherwise out of luck, two features are absolutely indispensable. As such, this article is dedicated to these essential components; we don’t want something flashy and impractical – only the essentials for a functional product!

Different Types of Screens

Ideally, you’ll want to fit your DIY bong with some kind of screen to stop burning, charred lumps of weed from entering your mouth. It may be that you have some purpose-made bong screens lying around, in which case you can just use those. Otherwise, you’ll have to fashion one out of something in the house.

Here are two options.

Aluminium Foil Screen

Making a screen from kitchen foil is easy and takes no time at all. Cut or tear the foil to fit your makeshift bowl, then use a pin or pen to create multiple holes in it for perfect results – you’re ready!

These might not withstand more than a few impacts, however you can merely craft new ones as necessary. For stronger versions, fold the foil over several times for added sturdiness.

how to make homemade bong 2 - How to Make Homemade Bong


Paper Clip/Wire

When you don’t have aluminium foil at hand, try to create a spiral shape out of either a paper clip or piece of wire – although it may require more finesse and won’t be as effective as using foil, this will still ensure that the bigger bits can’t escape.

Wind the spiral as tightly as possible for optimal filtration of burning weed bits. Doing so requires more effort, but you’ll be grateful after tasting your smooth hits!

What if You Don’t Have Anything?

If it appears you have limited options to create a screen, consider taking the following steps:

  • Make a bong from a can (see further below).

For an optimal smoking experience, incorporate a layer of larger chunks of material such as weed or tobacco beneath your bud. Tea could also do the trick! Anything that won’t readily absorb through and be finely ground is suitable for filtration purposes – just don’t forget to switch it out after each puff!

How to Make a Homemade Bong: 3 Options

Now that you are up to speed on what it takes to produce a bong or pipe, let’s dive into three different approaches. We trust at least one of these methods will be accessible when you require them. They’re all really straightforward with only one necessitating the use of just a single tool!

how to make homemade bong 6 - How to Make Homemade Bong

Apple Bong

A tried and true classic, this one is worth testing even if you don’t need it. Not only that, but there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that can be modified into bongs/pipes in place of an apple – the most popular option. Here we’ll discuss how to craft a homemade apple bong, so feel free to adjust as needed depending on what fresh ingredients your kitchen provides!


  • Apple
  • Knife (optional)
  • Pen
  • Screen (optional)


  • Utilizing a knife or pen, core the top of your apple to form an opening with a diameter between 2–3cm. Just ensure that you don’t cut too deeply and reach the bottom of the fruit; aim for about three-quarters down instead.
  • Using the body of a pen, you should push another hole through from the side that intersects with the vertical one. You can keep pushing it to come out on the other end of your apple for creating a carb hole; however, if desired, you may simply meet up with your main hole and stop there.
  • Fit your screen.

Congratulations – you’re almost there! Simply fill the opening on top with your herb, ignite it and enjoy as you draw in the smoke through the side opening.

Plastic Bottle Bong

All around us, you can find individuals that are raving about the classic bong-making technique. These temporary bottle bongs have been used for months and beloved by many – so much so that it’s become a staple of sorts! So, if you’re feeling curious as to how to create one yourself? Here’s your guide on getting started!


  • 500ml plastic bottle
  • Pen/downpipe/metal can
  • Foil (maybe optional)
  • Knife/scissors (optional)
  • Lighter/cigarette
  • Elastic band/hair tie (optional)


  • Crafting your own downpipe is easier than you would expect. You can utilize an existing one, or deconstruct a pen and create a foil bowl to guard it from the heat created while smoking. If you want another material, simply grab some scissors and begin cutting out sections of cans; these components are extraordinarily functional as they work with or without bowls connected! Keep in mind that many layers will be needed for peak performance no matter which technique you decide on.
  • For the best fit, use a cigarette to burn a round hole in your bottle about halfway up. A knife or lighter may do the job too, but it can cause an uneven opening and let air slip through. Push your pipe into the bottle until it reaches near its bottom–et voila! You’re ready for takeoff.
  • To ensure the downpipe is directed upwards, tie one of its ends to the side of your bottle using an elastic band or hair tie. Then secure the other end over top of it so that it forms a 45 degree angle with your pipe.
  • To ensure a seamless operation of the engine, create a carburetor hole at the same altitude as the downpipe for optimal results.
  • Fill with water; about one-third of the way up the bottle.

Congratulations! You’re ready to begin your journey. Start by filling the downpipe with cannabis and then light it up. Now, all that is left for you to do is take a deep breath through the opening at the top of your bottle, and enjoy!

how to make homemade bong - How to Make Homemade Bong

Beer Can Bong

This is the simplest and quickest way to get your fix in a pinch. With any type of container, smoking weed becomes an effortless task!


  • Beer/soda/seltzer can
  • Pliers (optional)


  • To open your can of beverage, delicately take off the ring pull on top.
  • Remember to keep the floss vertical and place between your two back teeth. Apply gentle pressure when biting down, so that it’s folded in half on its own – this should be enough force as pressing too hard can cause gum damage. Once you’re done folding, carefully remove from your mouth!
  • Don’t want to use your teeth? Let a pair of pliers do the work for you! With these tools, it will be effortless to craft whatever shape you need.
  • In order to create several perforations on the opposite side of the can’s drinking hole, locate two well-defined corners where it has been folded. Then place your finger approximately halfway to two-thirds down and use these edges to make small holes that are close together.
  • Poke a hole in the base of the can to act as a carb hole.
  • Finish off the design with a gentle bend to form an indentation that will keep your cannabis secure as you take in each hit – say goodbye to all of the messiness!

Congratulations, you’ve created a makeshift pipe! Position your herbs on the metal holes and light it up. Once ready, take in an even hit through the mouthpiece to get that clean experience.

Are Homemade Bongs Safe?

Under no circumstance should you use a flame near plastic as this can be incredibly unsafe and could cause immense damage. Plastic will melt, give off hazardous fumes, and ultimately become ineffective. Furthermore, if your teeth are being used to make a beer bong – take caution! Despite that fact, homemade bongs usually prove harmless- just remember to only employ them once.

Don’t just settle for a less than satisfactory smoking experience, try your hand at crafting an unforgettable gravity bong! Not only is it the ideal solution when you don’t have many options available – but also serves as a great source of entertainment. You won’t regret making the effort to create this unique and enjoyable smoking device.

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