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How To Control and Prevent the Munchies

Munchies and cannabis - How To Control and Prevent the Munchies

While the munchies are often a delightfully delicious side-effect of smoking cannabis, they can be quite the nuisance if you’re trying to watch your figure. But never fear, there are ways to control and even prevent those pesky cravings. Once THC enters the bloodstream and interacts with the brain, it triggers hunger. The munchies are […]

Are Pesticides on Cannabis Dangerous?

pesticides and marijuana 3 - Are Pesticides on Cannabis Dangerous?

Many cannabis growers would rather use organic pesticides if possible, as opposed to regular ones. Let’s explore the risks that come with using pesticides on cannabis, and discover some natural alternatives. Many cannabis growers don’t want to use pesticides because of possible health risks that have been mentioned, even though these claims haven’t been proven. […]

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

autoflowering cannabis seeds 2 - Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering strains are easy to grow and allow both beginners and the experienced to obtain respectable yields in a matter of weeks. These 5 autoflowering cannabis seeds varieties offer premium genetics, high levels of THC, tasty terpenes, and yields that will keep you elevated for weeks at a time. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds have many benefits […]

Cannabis Bloom Boosters Guide

cannabis bloom boosters guide 4 - Cannabis Bloom Boosters Guide

Bloom boosters are a great way to get your plants the nutrients they need to produce strong, healthy buds. These easy-to-use formulas can help enhance flowering by providing accurate doses of key nutrients, humic acid, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and growth stimulants. By using bloom boosters, you can give your plants a real boost during […]

Colourful Weed: How to Grow

Cannabis Hydroponics 7 - Colourful Weed: How to Grow

Gardens are often graced with vibrant colours, many of which come from cannabis plants. But what gives them such unique hues? Several factors play a role, including pH, temperature, genetics, and an array of pigments found in the leaves and flowers. Discover more about the rainbow of colours cannabis can exhibit. Cannabis has a lot […]