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How to Pass a Drug Tests

Drug Tests 41 - How to Pass a Drug Tests

Despite its unfairness, drug testing has become a common requirement for many employers. If you’re tested and it comes back positive, even after just enjoying an occasional recreational activity involving marijuana, your job could be on the line. On the bright side, most companies will give you plenty of warning ahead of a drug test […]

About Moldy Weed

greater sudbury weed 041 - About Moldy Weed

The severity of the dilemma is indisputable – moldy cannabis could potentially be fatal. In February 2017, The Sacramento Bee published a study which highlighted this issue. Researchers from UC Davis uncovered hazardous bacteria and mold on samples collected from twenty dispensaries and weed growers in Northern California, thus illustrating the importance of safe handling […]

Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 53 - Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more and more states in America are embracing its presence. With each new state that legalizes or at least decriminalizes marijuana use comes an influx of businesses creating revolutionary products for weed enthusiasts everywhere. Bit by bit, this budding industry is making its way across the country! Are […]

Cannabis And Instagram

Cannabis And Instagram 2 - Cannabis And Instagram

The cannabis industry is quite popular on Instagram- whether you are a grower, dispensary, medical patient, or recreational user. Out of all social media platforms, it has become the main place for sharing photos and information about cannabis. With the rise of social media, more and more people are finding their niche communities online. Instagram […]

Jack Herer Lemon Cake

jack herer lemon cake 12 - Jack Herer Lemon Cake

The Jack Herer lemon strain is a delicious cake flavor made with hazelnut, Terpinolene, and of course lemon flavoring. If you’re a beginner baker, you might find cakes difficult to make. Getting the perfect texture, oiliness, and consistency can be tough – it requires knowing when to stop stirring. However, this lemon pound cake recipe […]

Best New Year Marijuana Cookies Recipes

new year marijuana cookies 22 - Best New Year Marijuana Cookies Recipes

THC-infused cookies provide a delicious and discreet way to experience the benefits of cannabis. If you don’t want to smoke or vaporize, weed cookies are a fantastic option that offer an powerful edible high. To make your own gourmet marijuana edibles at home, all you need is regular cookie dough and some type of THC-rich […]

Cannabis Prohibition in Canada

cannabis prohibition in canada 41 - Cannabis Prohibition in Canada

regrettably, similar to other countries with restrictive drug legislation, the origins of Canada’s drug laws were based on discrimination and disproportionately impacted Indigenous, Black, Asian, Latinx and vulnerable communities. Canada’s initial attempt at banning alcohol was mostly due to the anti-Chinese racism that had become common in British Columbia during the construction of the Canadian […]