Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 53 - Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more and more states in America are embracing its presence. With each new state that legalizes or at least decriminalizes marijuana use comes an influx of businesses creating revolutionary products for weed enthusiasts everywhere. Bit by bit, this budding industry is making its way across the country!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your friend who enjoys cannabis and lives in a trendy place? This holiday season, why not upgrade their experience with some innovative marijuana-related tech! There are several products from makers, startups, and home goods companies that can provide them hours of entertainment. Investing in these offerings could potentially open up an enormous market opportunity while giving someone special something they’ll truly appreciate.

With us, you can find all the items that you need regardless of what purpose it serves. No matter how specific your requirements are, we guarantee to have something for everyone! Still not able to locate an item that suits all your needs? Don’t fret – a pre-roll is sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face. After all, who doesn’t like delicious pre-rolled snacks?


When it comes to vaping, DynaVaps are my go-to choice. It’s essentially like a one-hitter vape with an extra bonus: a thermometer! Just heat the tip of your device using any torch or induction heater – in three to five seconds you’ll hear a click indicating that the cannabis is at optimal temperature and ready for consumption. Best part? You get up to four cycles out of each bowl and there’s virtually no smoke produced; just clean vapor, free from combustion and odorless too!

George Breiwa’s DynaVap brand of vaporizers are crafted with unparalleled excellence in the company’s DeForest, Wisconsin facility. After launching the business in 2015 and growing to a team of 40 dedicated workers, DynaVap now offers several versions of their remarkable little metal vape from as low as $50 for the “B” model up to an exquisite $220 titanium Omni edition.

Heads up! I’ve given a ton of DynaVaps to friends and noticed they either adore it or loathe it. It takes some getting used to in order to get the perfect puff.

Puffco Proxy

Puffco stands at the forefront of cannabis vaporizer technology and continues to innovate with their offerings. The Puffco Peak Pro is often regarded as one of the most impressive e-rigs available, but now this industry leader has outdone itself again: introducing the new Proxy vape! It combines all of the advantages from its predecessor while allowing for more customization options in terms of size and form factor.

Don’t let the attractive pieces of glass distract you. The Proxy is a modular dabbing rig, designed to fit into any form factor and make it suitable for use – be it bubblers, water pipes or even glass beakers. This innovation allows you to enjoy all kind of flavors with ease!

The $299 self-contained rig, roughly the size of a D-cell battery, comes equipped with the same high-quality heating element found in its illustrious predecessor – The Peak Pro. Featuring four preprogrammed heat levels and capable of being recharged via USB-C; this compact piece ensures satisfaction for all your needs!

best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 55 - Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

Hitoki Saber

Introducing the Hitoki Saber! This revolutionary device provides a unique and entertaining way to light your pipe or bowl with its high-powered laser. It may be on the pricier side, but it’s worth every penny for how convenient and fun it is to use. You just press one button, and you’ve got yourself an illuminated bowl in no time; plus, when you purchase the right adapter, this method works with any type of glassware. Need we say more? Lasers: what could be better?!

The Saber is the second device from Hitoki, which debuted its laser system with the all-in-one Trident rig. The Trident is much larger than the Saber but features an integrated water chamber and mouthpiece.

Utilizing lasers to light your pot is not a cost-effective solution; both the Hitoki Saber and Trident come with hefty price tags of $359 and $499 respectively.


If you’re looking for the perfect present to give a marijuana connoisseur, then look no further than KushKards. Not only are they great on their own, but they can also make any pre-roll presentation extra special. So if you want your cannabis gift to stand out from all the rest, tuck it in a KushKard!

Each of these clever greeting cards has a special spot meant to hold a pre-roll and is designed around cute one-liners like “joint to the world” or “light up the holidays.”

The cards start at $7 and include the option to bundle a holiday-themed one-hitter.

Houseplant Car Lighter

Seth Rogen’s marijuana brand creates and offers top-notch cannabis products, with their Car Lighter being the standout. This amazing reimagining of a classic car lighter is encased in an attractive block that will look perfect on any coffee table. All you have to do is push down – just seconds later it pops up ready for your next joint! Not only stylish, but incredibly useful too – what more could you ask for?

The Car Lighter is made out of marble and is available in two colors: green and gray. At $280, it’s a bit of a statement piece.

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is a beautiful coffee table book with stunning images of classic cannabis strains. Not only will you find all the information needed, such as lineage, flavor and effects produced by 170 marijuana varieties; but flipping through it while enjoying a relaxed smoking session makes for an unforgettable experience! The photography in this guide is simply remarkable!

Introducing the Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, written by renowned author Ed Rosenthal. This comprehensive guide is a must-have for any aspiring cannabis cultivator and provides all that they need to know how to successfully grow their own weed from seed! Whether you’re new to growing marijuana or looking for ways to improve your existing farming techniques, this book will have what you need – it’s truly an invaluable resource!

Storz & Bickel Mighty+

This vaporizer is unrivaled when it comes to reliability, capacity and the quality of its vapor. Despite being a large device and having an expensive price tag of $399, this exceptional gadget more than justifies its cost – making it well worth your while!

In 2014, Storz & Bickel initiated the first Mighty model. Now in October 2021, they have launched an improved version of their original classic–the Mighty+. This new iteration includes a faster heat-up time along with USB-C recharging capability and boasts a ceramic filling chamber that is much easier to clean than its predecessor’s.

In 1996, Markus Storz began his journey with a herbal vaporizer design that ultimately led to the founding of Storz & Bickel in 2002—a collaboration between him and Jürgen Bickel. The company has since achieved remarkable successes, launching several products including their renowned Volcano device; all these are certified medical devices in Germany where it is based. Fast-forwarding to 2018 saw another great milestone for the brand when Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth acquired them yet still allowing Jürgen Bickel to stay at and run daily operations for the business.

If you’re looking for a more compact option with similar capabilities, the Crafty+ is your perfect choice. Not only does it come at an affordable price point but also delivers powerful results like its bigger counterpart – The Mighty+.

Fake Pot Plant

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, why not opt for a faux Pot Plant? With varying sizes and artificial strains available, these plants are designed to be used as decorations. The Clone (the smallest selection) stands 10 inches tall and costs only $30. Plus, it is super subtle – just like an actual clone would be before flowering!

Our Teen Plant stands at a height of 16 inches and boasts two small buds. The Adult option is 22 inches tall, featuring several artificial budding branches on the main stem. If that’s not enough, our Mother Pot Plant takes it to the next level – standing an impressive 36-inches tall with intricately frosted buds throughout its foliage! All this for just $165!

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