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Cannabis Hydroponics: Indoor vs Outdoor

Cannabis Hydroponics 4 - Cannabis Hydroponics: Indoor vs Outdoor

We’ve all seen those amazing pictures of hydroponic cannabis plants on the internet. However, they are more frequently shown under high-intensity grow lights with fans and other electrical equipment surrounding them. Hydro growers, on the other hand, aren’t limited to four walls. In fact, hydroweed can also thrive outside as well as in its soil-based […]

Dissolved Oxygen for Weed Plants

dissolved oxygen do marijuana plants need oxygen 13 - Dissolved Oxygen for Weed Plants

If you want a healthier and quicker-growing cannabis crop, increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in your plant’s water. Though molecular oxygen does not maintain well in water past regular values, with some easy techniques, you can change that. Oxygen saturation levels in the water are known as dissolved oxygen (DO). In layman’s terms, the […]

Hotboxing Guide

hotboxing guide 3 1400x575 - Hotboxing Guide

For those of you asking, “What is hotboxing?” Hotboxing or “clambaking” (less commonly used) is a popular slang term that refers to smoking cannabis in a relatively small, enclosed space with limited or no ventilation. An enclosed room can be anything from your bathroom, car, shed, or any other small enclosed area that traps smoke […]

How to Use a Lux Meter to Increase Cannabis Yields

Cannabis Pests - How to Use a Lux Meter to Increase Cannabis Yields

When it comes to maximizing your yields when cultivating cannabis, you’ll need a lot of light. We’ll teach you how to get the most out of the amount of light your plants receive for healthy development and greater production in this article. All you need is a low-cost lux meter. If your cannabis plants do […]

Blue Cheese Strain Review

blue cheese strain review 3 - Blue Cheese Strain Review

Blue Cheese is a well-known strain among cannabis smokers for its eerily similar taste to real cheese. So, if you thought Blue Cheese was just another cheesy strain, you’d be forgiven. You would, however,- as mentioned before – be incorrect. Cheese-flavored marijuana, such as Blue Cheese, has grown in popularity in recent years due to […]