Burlington is located between two of the most famous geographical sites in Canada, namely the Niagara Escarpment and the Northwest shores of Lake Ontario and it covers a total land area of 187 square kilometers (73 square miles).

Green nature can be found all over Burlington and the 187 square kilometers (73 square miles) of land is divided into southern and northern regions. The South of Burlington is where the urban areas are located, but in the north, it’s a very different story. Agriculture, golf courses, nature reserves, and conservation areas are some of the main categories where Burlington shines the most. This is also what attracts visitors, as with nature comes culture and exploring the culture of any new city is in the heart of every tourist.

The city of Burlington has numerous popular tourist attractions that many residents enjoy. Some of the things to see in Burlington include the Waterfront Trail, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Spencer Smith Park, Mapleview Centre, Burlington Mall, the Art Gallery of Burlington, Canada’s Largest Ribfest, Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival, as well as numerous golf courses, bars, clubs and spas.

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The weed market is always changing with new and exciting products being created all of the time. That is why we are constantly updating and changing the products we have available for you so that you are never missing out on the new products that may tickle your fancy. The people of Burlington will be pleased to know that we offer products for not only the traditional smokers of weed and hash but we have edibles, drops, and oils. We honestly believe here at cannabis delivery that weed should be affordable and accessible to anyone who wants it, this is why we have so many different products available to be delivered right to your home. 

Cannabis Flower

  • Highest Farmacy weed delivery in Burlington carries the most beautiful, dense, and potent cannabis strains around, with numerous indica, sativa and hybrid strains, even with the CBD strain that is best for your pain and medical use.

Cannabis-Infused Edibles

  • Most of our edibles are made in Ontario with multiple selections of gummies, chocolates baked goods, snacks, THC drinks and CBD tinctures.

Weed Extracts and Weed Concentrates

  • The weed concentrates that we are offering has the most potent THC-based item in the market. We carry weed distillates, weed honey oils, Labpur shatters, Labpur diamonds, live resins, premium hashes and much more.

Things to do in Burlington


Just a short walk away from Church Street is the gorgeous Lake Champlain. While many of the best Burlington Vermont activities are done on the lake, simply strolling along the water is fun in itself! The paved path along the water is perfect to walk as you look out over the lake and Adirondack mountains of New York.


Another great way to get out on the water is by taking the Spirit of Ethan Allen ferry. Yet, you should know this isn’t your average boat cruise! The Spirit of Ethan Allen offers trips ranging from narrated historic tours to dinner cruises, and even music and comedic shows. So whatever you’re looking for in a cruise on Lake Champlain, you’re sure to find it with the Spirit of Ethan Allen. 


The Flynn is a legendary theatre in the heart of downtown. Burlington is known for its fantastic art scene and the Flynn is at the center of it all! First opening in 1930, the theatre has been attracting visitors for almost 100 years. As far as Burlington Vermont activities go, it would be hard to find something as historic as the Flynn theatre.

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Other Cities

We also work and deliver goods to other cities.

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