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Hybrid Strains Guide

best hybrid strains 12 - Hybrid Strains Guide

When you’re just getting started with cannabis, it may come as a surprise how different all the various strains are. The effects of each strain vary significantly depending on the type. After taking one strain, some individuals will feel inspired and energetic, but drowsy and calm after taking another. Hybrids are an excellent place to […]

Cannabis Pollen

marijuana pollen 2 - Cannabis Pollen

Although both male and female cannabis plants produce flowers, only female plants create buds. Male Cannabis plants develop sacs that release cannabis pollen when they reach full maturity.Male plants are crucial in the development of new cannabis strains but can be a nightmare for home growers because they can pollinate your female plants and fill […]

Marijuana Tincture: Your Complete Guide

Marijuana Tincture 3 - Marijuana Tincture: Your Complete Guide

Are you ready to try something that might be the most noncontroversial way of consuming cannabis ever? Try a marijuana tincture. “Why would I want to do that,” you inquire. Tinctures have been called the least appreciated of all marijuana products by some people. Some people may think that sofa seats are second-rate because there […]