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NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in the business world, yet most people aren’t aware of them. This article will go over everything you need to know about NFTs, from their value to their place in the cannabis market. At the end of this essay, you’ll be an expert on all things NFT!

What Is an NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that use blockchain technology to record ownership. Blockchain is a digital ledger where transactions gets recorded on multiple computers that share information with each other through a peer-to-peer network.

NFTs are not like cryptocurrencies because each NFT has unique qualities. All cryptocurrency coins have equal value, but every NTF is different and therefore valuable in its own way.

NFTs are a new way to protect unique assets. Some individuals believe that by recording ownership on a blockchain, they can avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism. The NFT distribution model is in between tangible property and digital files. NFTs could be anything from music to art to tweets to in-game items.

Who Created the First NFT?

In 2012, Meni Rosenfeld, the chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association came up with “Colored Coins.” The concept behind it was to be able to store real-world assets on a digital ledger. Kevin McCoy created the first NFT in 2014. This picture’s ownership is known as “Quantum” and its integrity is kept on the Namecoin blockchain.

When NFTs were first created, many people didn’t think they would be valuable. Many of these digital assets, on the other hand, have made their creators a significant amount of money. In 2021, artist Beeple sold his collage “Everyday: The First 5000 Days” for $69 million as an example.

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OpenSea: Where NFTs Are Sold

OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace, with a wide range of goods, including art, collectibles, domain names, music , photography , sports memorabilia, and trading cards. You may discover new possibilities or create your own digital property for other people to discover and purchase on OpenSea.

The Value of NFTs

NFTs are popular for both creative and collector purposes because they offer benefits that regular assets do not, similar to what bitcoin transactions provide. Documentation of ownership on a secure blockchain and the decentralized state of exchange create opportunities for customization when trading assets.

For Artists

Did you know that selling a song, digital artwork, or even a home has something in common? Yes, third parties can make easy money. In the non-digital world, record labels, art dealers, and estate agents profit from being the link between buyers and sellers by becoming rich rapidly as middlemen. Artists and vendors can now take advantage of the decentralized nature of digital asset trading to break away from third-party intermediaries, who often charge recurring costs or commissions. NFTs also allow artists to produce a certain quantity of their work, resulting in scarcity and increased profits.

For Collectors

Because you can’t physically handle them, some people feel NFTs aren’t a good investment. However, Beeple’s recent IPO demonstrates that the market disagrees.

The cryptocurrency craze has demonstrated that people are willing to invest in digital assets. This is largely due to the technology behind cryptocurrencies which makes them difficult to counterfeit and easy to send and receive. NFTs offer similar advantages, but with an added incentive for collectors: they are based on the blockchain, have a restricted quantity, and are recorded on the blockchain, making them significantly more valuable than physical copies.

For Business

The NFTs have upset the situation; new marketplaces have emerged, and interests are fighting to gain a foothold while it’s still early. NFTs not only offer proof of ownership but also attest to presence validation; this has significant implications for events such as festivals that require live audience participation. Also, by incorporating smart contracts into the generation process of an NFT, future sales will be compelled to pay financial compensation to the initial creator.

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NFTs: How Are They Useful?

NFTs have a lot of uses. Cryptocurrency has already demonstrated that digital assets aren’t only useful; they’re also quite valuable (although somewhat volatile). Check out some of the most exciting NFT markets listed below to learn how NFTs are beneficial or feasible in today’s environment.

1. Graphic Art

Artwork is the second most popular NFT. Sure, you can’t hang an NFT on your wall in the same way a genuine artwork would, but they’re just as lovely when shown this way. In today’s world, you won’t be able to steal, misplace, or damage costly art NFTs! Artworks of exceptional value now exist in a number of forms, ranging from simple yet expensive cartoons by ape and cyberpunk artists to exquisite works of fine art and stunning digital masterpieces

2. GIFs

Non-fungible tokens, often known as NFTs, are digital assets with a fixed worth that can’t be exchanged with other things. They are one-of-a-kind. Graphic designers may now profit from the creation of NFTs by converting GIFs into unique digital commodities that businesses may utilize as a secure means of exchange.

3. Videos and Sports Highlights

NFTs have a lot of potential. The NBA, for example, created Top Shot – a blockchain-based trading card system that offers fresh perspectives on NBA highlights and digital art. A LeBron James highlight has already been sold for over $200,000. In addition, more sports organizations are considering getting involved in this business, which is expected to flourish rapidly.

4. Collectables

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have a more distant connection to value. Because they are restricted in supply and high in demand, NFT collectables usually maintain their value shortly after release due to unique characteristics that prevent easy replication . Also, purchasers can keep them secure by taking advantage of the almost unbreakable proof of ownership.

5. Virtual Avatars and Video Game Skins

NFTs come in handy in both digital and physical marketplaces. For instance, players use virtual avatars and video game skins to add personalization in online gaming communities. To show how big NFTs will be on the internet, Reddit just launched an avatar marketplace that uses NFTs.

6. Designer Sneakers

NFT sneaker goods aren’t physical. They can’t be worn or carried. However, demand hasn’t waned. NFT sneakers are gaining a strong following, much like playing cards and other collectibles. The going rate for a pair of NFT sneakers is about $6,000 to $10,000. If you want Nike’s CryptoKicks (a brand-developed product), expect to pay between $20,000 and $40,000 for certain pairs.

7. Music

NFTs are helping artists all over the world to take back control of their work and bypass third-party middlemen. With NFSs, musicians can choose to release unique versions of albums or offer one-of-a-kind audio/visual experiences. This gives them more power over how their art is distributed and experienced.

8. Authentication

NFTs can also be used to certify the ownership of digital assets and serve as a more secure alternative to paper-based “real-world” certificates of authenticity. Sellers may use proof of purchase recorded on a blockchain ledger to demonstrate validity to consumers by matching a wallet number with a specific product (for example, a ring) and its corresponding serial number.

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NFT Controversy

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have their own share of issues, much like cryptocurrency does. Let’s take a look at some of the key issues surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Buyer Fees

Some users see the fees, known as “gas,” when trading NFTs as too high and believe they could stall future growth in the industry.


NFTs are more expensive to produce than normal currency, and minting them requires the payment of gas fees. The costs of producing NFTs have been steadily increasing, which has worried several artists.

Fraud & Security

The NFT sector is rife with fraud and deceit, with numerous reports of consumers being defrauded out of their digital wallet credentials and losing a significant amount of money. The digital asset space as a whole is still in its early stages, and privacy firm Privacy HQ found that 90 percent of respondents had been victims of some sort of scam.

How Are NFTs and Cannabis Related?

The cannabis industry has begun to use NFTs due to their expansive growth and creative nature. Below are some of the more captivating projects.

Crypto Cannabis Club

The Cryptocannabis Club is a self-described gathering spot for cannabis enthusiasts and digital art appreciators. Sales of cannabis-themed NFT artwork, metaverse property, and play-to-earn games are all available on the platform.

The potential for NFTs to flourish in the cannabis industry is highlighted by this company’s example. They don’t simply sell digital items, but they’re also building a community around this innovative technology and plant. For instance, they have a Discord group where you can meet new people and get help setting up MetaMask crypto wallets if you’re new or seasoned.

Blazed Cats

If unimaginative apes are your only current NFT selection, how about some stoned felines instead? Blazed Cats has a wide variety of hand-drawn cats, each with its own individualized traits and accessories. With 10,000 pieces in total, you’re bound to find at least one (if not more) that catches your eye! So browse and see if any of these wacky kitties will become part of your ever-growing NFT collection.

Digi Strains

If you thought Pokemon cards were cool, just wait until you see Digi Strains! These are digital cannabis strains that have been recorded on the blockchain. They’re not shabby drawings of poorly drawn cartoon figures; they’re three-dimensional metaverse citizens. Owners may display their favorite varieties in their virtual residences after purchase. These pieces of art are currently selling for around $50 each, or about 0.03 Ethereum.

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Cannabis NFTs Futures

NFTs have been used to represent artwork and games in the past, but they may play a much bigger role in the future. Could NFTs assist breeders safeguard and market their genetic material? Could seed banks release NFTs with a predetermined number of seeds to produce highly uncommon, pricey, and exotic strains? We’ll just have to wait and see if cannabis and NFTs are a good fit.

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