The Stages of Being High

the stages of being high 22 - The Stages of Being High

When people speak of “being high,” do they mean the same thing? Stoning is not a one-dimensional experience; it has several levels. Let’s look at the ten stages of getting high in depth.

Being high is, as many people will tell you, a wonderful experience. However, being high is a complex condition influenced by both internal and external factors that we can’t influence. However, there are some fairly broad effects of being high, and many highs follow a similar pattern.

Let’s delve a little deeper!

What Kind of High are You?

Marijuana has a wide range of effects on different people. We all seem to have a distinct experience with the drug, which is due in part to the strain and how it’s consumed. You may get a mild buzz if you smoke a joint with tobacco and a decent mild sativa. However, if you go hell for leather on the dab rig with some Indian landrace indica known as “Demon of Scorch,” you’ll be spending the rest of your day trying to get out of your couch-lock.

In every group of friends who smoke weed, there are different “types.” For example, the one who gets quiet and withdrawn, or the one who can’t stop laughing. With some people, you would never even be able to tell that they were high.

How you consume cannabis will change the high you experience. To target this article to as many people as possible, we will be focusing on smoking cannabis as it is one of the most common methods.

the stages of being high 24 - The Stages of Being High

The 10 Stages of Being High

Although the experience varies for everyone, there are still generally accepted stages of being high. It’s similar to taking a train ride– you might not stop at every station, but they’re all along the way. And like any journey, sometimes you’ll end up somewhere entirely different than intended with no recollection of how you got there. But that’s all part of the fun!

Let’s take a look at the ten stages you’ll encounter on your average trip into the marijuana world.

Stage 1: Anticipation

The first thing you experience when you’re about to get high is the anticipation. You start to feel it before you even smoke, and usually signs are that it’s going to be a really good joint; like how incredibly pungent it smells. And then sometimes you wonder if maybe you packed too much beforehand! Regardless, once the high starts kicking in, all thoughts of the future go out the window and suddenly smoking another one doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Stage 2: Savour the Flavour

The smell and taste of your weed all contribute to the experience. The flavors and aromas of the cannabis come alive on your tongue after you light up. The smoke enters your nose and then goes down into your lungs. You start to relax before the weed has even had an effect.

Stage 3: The Moment of Clarity

You are now on the threshold of the ultimate destination. The trip has begun, and you will encounter additional twists and turns. When the fog finally lifts, you’ll experience those first tell-tale tingles. You’ll feel euphoric and contented, perhaps even relieved, as a result of your old comforts. You’ve arrived at an irreversible turning point in your life. THC has permeated your blood-brain barrier, and there is no going back!

Stage 4: Energy, Focus, and Awareness

Generally, when the high hits you, you’ll feel an initial sense of elation that can come from the physical sensation or mere anticipation of what’s to follow. At this point, the world will look more colorful and interesting than it did a few minutes ago.

After your first big life epiphany, you might be struck with an urge to share your newfound observations and wisdom with everyone you know. Alternatively, you may find everything hilarious and start giggling uncontrollably. You may also “zone out” or catch yourself staring off into space more often. Additionally, music, television, and other people will suddenly become much more enjoyable to experience.

Stage 5: Chill Time

For many people, one of the most pleasurable parts is when they’re untroubled and free with their ideas. They may rest on the sofa with a blanket and get lost in a film without being disturbed. Whether they fall asleep or binge-watch an entire season, they feel wonderful and have all they require at that time.

Now is the time to break out the chocolate! Suddenly, everything will seem delectable. You’ll be wondering why your culinary talents haven’t yet been recognized across the world as you pile pancakes and potato chips with peanut butter.

the stages of being high 11 - The Stages of Being High

Stage 6: The Reckoning

When you smoke weed and feel the full effects of THC, you may tense up. If you are new to smoking or have a low tolerance, this can happen quickly, leaving you feeling confused, suspicious, or scared. In this case, try to remind yourself that the feeling will go away soon.

You’ve undoubtedly been high; you’re right in the middle of a storm’s eye. Do everything you can to feel at ease and ride it out. If you can get yourself to sleep, go for it. Food may be an excellent source of comfort as well. To keep your energy up and act as a diversion, enjoy some sweet deliciousness.

Stage 7: Reaching the Peak

The THC levels in your body will gradually decrease once you’ve reached the top of your high and you’ll be able to experience the profound and introspective emotions it offers. This is when you will feel the distinct characteristics of each strain while being creative or getting some housework done. As you focus on your thoughts or a given task, you may become quite introverted, quiet, or contemplative.

Stage 8: Sharing

You’re gradually brought back to the rest of the world. You might feel an urge to reconnect with pals and share your thoughts and opinions, as well as take some time off to reflect. This can be one of the most important aspects of connecting with people who think similarly. This is your crew, and you “get” each other. You’re all in sync.

At this stage, the THC in your body is being gradually replaced with a feeling of discomfort. This is often when people around you start suggesting smoking another joint, especially if you’re all discussing how you feel and chasing after another high.

tage 9: Decompression

As you approach the finish line, things may become a little dizzying. It’s an indisputable moment when your trip becomes increasingly apparent. It might only have been a few minutes since you took your first toke, but you could feel thirsty or weary. The best-case scenario is for your high to fade gradually, leaving you feeling lightly dizzy yet completely aware. If you’re feeling burnt out and nauseated during a more severe “come-down,” try to get some sleep.

Stage 10: Reset, Repeat

No two experiences of being high are the same, as everyone will have different reactions depending on their mood, setting, and who they’re with. You may feel famished one minute and then highly reflective the next, followed by a wave of giggles. Though the feelings might be familiar to you, how they ebb and flow throughout your high can vary greatly.

Prepare for these cycles of repetition, and simply go with the flow. For many people, the greatest approach to do so is to get high again!

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