CBD Strips Guide

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CBD is becoming more well-known, which means businesses are coming up with new and innovative methods to use it in a variety of items. While tinctures and balms are popular, there’s a newcomer on the block: CBD strips. What distinguishes these goods is that they allow users to absorb CBD more quickly while also delivering other practical advantages. Let’s take a look at what these strips are all about.

What are CBD Strips?

If you’ve ever used breath mint strips, you’ve probably heard about them. Rather than using pills, lotions, or eyedroppers to get CBD, you can use a thin, inconspicuous strip. These medications dissolve swiftly so that the cannabidiol enters your body more quickly. A sublingual artery located at the back of your mouth allows the cannabinoids to enter your circulation without going through your stomach or intestines.

Why Use CBD Strips?

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CBD has a variety of applications, but each comes with its own set of restrictions. If you smoke THC-free marijuana, for example, you’ll have to wait for your lungs to absorb the cannabidiol. Also, because smoking is difficult in some areas, especially where it’s prohibited, CBD lotions are best used as topical ointments for moisturizing or muscular pain relief. It might take a while for any CBD to enter your circulation after applying it topically as an ointment

Overall, strips can provide you with all of cannabidiol’s advantages in a fraction of the time. Remaining unconvinced? Here are the top reasons to use CBD strips:

Discreet – Although a tincture is readily available in your pocket, it’s possible to pull one out without attracting attention. However, since breath strips are so much more prevalent, you may extract a package at any time and anywhere.

Powerful – CBD-rich cream can be applied direct to the sublingual artery, resulting in a more potent combination of cannabidiol. The effects of full-spectrum CBD products are even better (like those from TruHarvest).

Versatile – These items, when used as directed, can provide a lot more than just CBD. We’ll look at how you may utilize them for a variety of things, including energy and sleep.

One thing we should emphasize about CBD strips is that you don’t bite them like you would a breath strip. Rather of placing the square on your tongue (as you might believe), it must be placed beneath. It will feel strange at first, but after the strip dissolves quickly, the sensation dissipates rapidly.

To hit the sublingual artery, the goal is to go under the tongue. If you use strips in the opposite direction, most of the CBD will go into your stomach, where acids can dilute or destroy it.

Types of CBD Strips

Another disadvantage with tinctures is that they are only meant for one thing. Even though cannabidiol has a lot of advantages on its own, why not combine it with other components to create something even more beneficial?

We’ve introduced three unique CBD strips at TruHarvest, including:

Frost Breath Strips

You can enjoy cool, minty breath while reducing inflammation and soothing your nerves at the same time. The nicest aspect about CBD is that there’s no way to overdose on it, so you may use breath strips multiple times a day without any ill effects.

Sleep Aid

Sleep is increasingly difficult to obtain in today’s society. While there are a variety of reasons why falling and staying asleep might be difficult, one of them is a deficit of melatonin and serotonin – natural brain chemicals that aid in sleep. Cortisol, or the stress hormone, is also a cause of sleeplessness. Your brain can’t relax if you have too much cortisol in your system at night.

Fortunately, CBD has been shown to assist regulate brain chemicals, and lowering cortisol levels. TruHarvest sleep strips also include a modest dose of melatonin to get you in bed. Furthermore, because these substances are absorbed directly into your circulation, you may experience their benefits sooner.


Most individuals believe that CBD has a calming effect since it is an anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. As a result, putting CBD in an energy strip may seem counterproductive. However, cannabidiol works by regulating the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system handles a variety of internal functions, including metabolism and energy levels.

According to studies, tiny amounts of CBD can invigorate your body, while bigger doses can help you sleep. As a result, with the same substance, you may get the greatest of both worlds.

If you’re talking about TruHarvest Energy Strips, on the other hand, we’ve added vitamin B12 and caffeine to the mix, so you’ll notice a substantial boost right away.

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The Full-Spectrum Difference

Even though CBD has taken the world by storm, it is non-regulated. The lack of regulation allows anybody with a label maker to declare their items contain CBD, even if they don’t. Worse, some businesses sell low-quality cannabidiol, which is simply marginally better than drinking sugar water.

However, TruHarvest utilizes full-spectrum CBD, which means we utilize the whole plant rather than attempting to extract just the CBD. This method ensures greater potency and health advantages. You may also see our certificate of authenticity for yourself.

Bottom Line

CBD strips are simple to use and provide effective results. You may get the most out of whatever CBD product you choose, whether it’s consumed sublingually or topically. Examine the goods on the Internet to see how they might help you.

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