Why Is Weed Sticky?

why is weed sticky 8 - Why Is Weed Sticky?

If you’re new to the cannabis world, you may be struck by how many variations exist between one strain and the next. When you delve further into cannabis, it seems like there’s an infinite amount of data. You bought some flower a week ago and it was dry and crumbly, but today’s stuff is extremely adhesive and difficult to manage without getting sticky fingers. Which is superior:

Why some weed is sticky

You can notice some people getting really enthusiastic when their marijuana has a sticky feel, even if all weed isn’t sticky. And it’s for a good cause. For the most part, the stickier the bud, the more powerful the product.

why is weed sticky 2 290x400 - Why Is Weed Sticky?It’s all about trichomes, a sticky bud knowledge that allows you to make an informed decision. Trichomes are tiny hair-like structures that can be found on plants and are especially common in marijuana. They aren’t only there for the aesthetics. Trichomes contain resin, which is a key component of cannabis usage.

This is the reason why some cannabis strains have very little THC, while other strains have a lot of it. The trichomes are resin glands that store all of the benefits of cannabis. THC and CBD are present in great quantities, as well as terpenes and other cannabinoids. To create a concentrated form of cannabis’ active components, extracts and smoke-free cannabis products begin pulling the resin from the plant.

Sticky bud is a clear indicator that your flower has many trichomes. The more trichomes, the more resin. The more resin, the more terpenes, THC, and cannabinoids present.

As you move from less expensive cannabis flower to more pricey cannabis flower, the buds tend to become stickier. Because some of these plants were developed for maximum potency and quantity of resinous trichomes, this is true.

The sap from a tree is another frequently used example of sticky weed. You can see how the two are comparable if you’ve ever felt the sticky sensation of sap. Similarly, if you’ve ever smelled sap, you should thank the tree’s terpenes for the rich fragrance, just as cannabis does.

Why some weed is dry

Now you know why that sticky, gooey stuff is so desired. Is this to say, however, that dry bud is inferior? They have their own advantages and should not be compared to one another.

Because some marijuana is dry, it has less resin and trichomes. As a result, the final product will be drier and typically less potent. The plants may have hung out to dry for an extended period of time, reducing their potency or they don’t contain as many trichomes as sticky strains in general.

You’ll still get high from weed that is not particularly sticky. There are still plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant, it’s just not as abundant as with sticky weed.

Dry cannabis has a poor reputation. However, that isn’t always the case. Many individuals choose dry weed for a variety of reasons, including because it is more cost-effective and yet performs the same task.

why is weed sticky 3 447x400 - Why Is Weed Sticky?The quantity of THC over the quality is probably the most significant reason people pick dry flower. Because they have less trichomes and resin, dried buds naturally weigh less than wet buds. Making cannabis coconut oil or other recipes from a lot of marijuana might save users a lot of money and allow them to use lots of weed.

There are levels of quality for all types of cannabis. It’s not as black and white as sticky = good and dry = bad. Many people opt for dry cannabis, whether it’s because they prefer the effects or find it more cost-effective.

There may, however, be some really dry marijuana out there that suggests it is past its prime. As time goes on, it will become drier. Sticky marijuana should keep its stickiness for a while if kept correctly. Don’t expect to pull out a sticky bud after a year and find all of its trichomes still intact, though.

Should I use sticky or dry weed?

So now you know why that sticky icky is so sought after. But does that make dry bud inferior? The two have their own uses and shouldn’t necessarily be pitted against each other.

The reason some weed is dry is simply that it contains less resin and fewer trichomes. This inevitably leads to a drier product that is generally less potent. The plants may have hung out to dry for a long period of time which caused the loss of some potency, or they don’t contain as many trichomes as stickier variations in general.

You’ll still get high from weed that is not particularly sticky. There are still plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant, it’s just not as abundant as with sticky weed.

Dry weed tends to get a bad reputation. But that’s not always the case. Many people opt for dry weed because of the way they use it, or because it is more affordable and still gets the job done.

The most common reason cannabis users choose drier flower is cost versus quality. Because dry buds have less trichomes and resin, they weigh less naturally. Making cannabis coconut oil or other recipes with dry buds may save people money while still utilizing a lot of marijuana.

There are several degrees of quality for each sort of cannabis. Sticky isn’t always better than dry. Many individuals choose dry cannabis over sticky because they like the effects or believe it is more cost-effective.

Of course, there is some really dry weed out there that may indicate it is too old to use. As it ages, it will progressively dry out. If stored properly, sticky weed should maintain its stickiness for a while. But don’t expect to put a sticky bud away and pull it out a year later with all of its trichomes intact.

3 Stickiest Strains Of Cannabis

Stick your nose in the air and get ready to smell something amazing! Try some sticky-icky from one of our convenient dispensaries. We’ve compiled a list of the stickiest cannabis strains around for you, as recommended by our budtenders.

OG Chem

Chemdawg and OG Kush are both indicas. OG Chem is a mix of Chemdawg and OG Kush. Sativa-dominant hybrids, like OG Chem, have a feeling of physical exhilaration combined with a constant mental calm that steadies both mind and body. Add Phat Panda’s OGT to your cart now and place your pre-order for pick up, today!

Poisoned Roses

A sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing Orange Poison and Purple Punch is this strain. This strain’s energizing and elevating qualities make it a great daytime activity to enjoy. Place your pre-order for pick up, now, by adding Poisoned Roses from SubX to your basket!

Gorilla Cream

Gorilla Cream is a combination of Indica and Sativa that offers both mental and physical benefits. Gorilla cream has a grape scent with a creamy aftertaste of milky clouds. Add Playa Grande’s Gorilla Cream to your cart now and make a reservation for pick up.

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