Weed and Relationship: Does Smoking Weed Affect Relationships

Smoking weed with your partner can have benefits like being stimulating and hilarious, or it can be relaxing. But if you abuse cannabis, it will tear people apart and damage relationships. Here we look at how to use cannabis responsibly in a relationship, and how to talk about important issues related to it.

Some couples enjoy using cannabis together. They find that it aids in relaxation or jumpstarts creativity. However, for other couples, cannabis use becomes detrimental and causes division- often because one person uses it excessively.

In this article, we investigate the effects cannabis may have on a relationship, how to utilise it healthily, and how best to approach discussing it with your partner.

Can Smoking Weed Affect Your Relationship?

It’s no secret that mind-altering substances like drugs and alcohol can have an impact on our interpersonal relationships. The same is true for cannabis, which can be both good and bad depending on the context of its use.

The “goodness” or “badness” of weed is not simply black and white, but personal to each individual person based on their circumstances, relationship with cannabis, and other people in their life. For some couples sharing a joint can be fun quality time spent high and without worry.

Some people may find that their partner’s cannabis habit impairs their ability to respond positively to their needs, and this ultimately harms the relationship.

Cannabis has the potential to greatly improve a relationship, but it’s important not to be na#ve. It’s a strong drug with powerful effects that can change people if used too frequently. Therefore, if you use cannabis in your relationship, being honest with each other about how it affects you is key to ensuring that nothing gets between you!

Benefits of Smoking Weed With Your Partner

The benefits of using cannabis together as a couple often go unrecognized. These rewards refer to those who use cannabis recreationally instead of those how are constantly getting high together.

Alignment of Mood and Thoughts

It’s common knowledge that smoking weed leads to abnormal thinking, which in turn can generate some weird and interesting ideas. When you share these thoughts with somebody while high, they usually have similar ones, resulting in a stronger bond between the two of you. This shared experience creates a deeper sense of connection and intimacy.

Intuitive Understanding

In addition, this increased ability to communicate can result in a more intuitive understanding of how your partner feels in the moment, as well as your ability to deliberately influence one another’s moods. By mentally aligning, you and your partner can reach a heightened level of understanding; however, it’s worth noting that this differing greatly from person to person. Some things may be easier communicating about than others while under the influence of cannabis depending on the amount consumed.

Double Your Creative Energies

Expressing creativity when you’re high—with a partner or not—is an excellent way to have fun. The outcome isn’t as important as the act of enjoying yourselves and working on something together.

Unwind Together

People smoke weed for many reasons, one of which is to relax and de-stress. When done with a partner, this shared sense of relaxation can be very valuable. Even if you just stay in and watch a movie together, it can have positive effects. We all know that life gets hectic and sometimes we need to find ways to reconnect with our loved ones without having to do much work. Smoking weed together is an easy way to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.


According to many, we become more attractive when laugh and smile. Weed can make things very silly and induce laughter – especially if you’re close to the person you’re sharing it with. In fact, it can be easy to get stuck in a loop of making each other laugh nonstop. An evening spent laughing sounds like a good time no matter how you look at it.

Delicious Meals

Cooking for a partner is very enjoyable. As is being cooked for. Eating when you’re high is also very enjoyable. So why not combine the two? The experience of cooking a fresh meal from scratch when you’re high can be good fun, and when you bring another person pleasure from it, even better!

Physical Intimacy and Sex

Couples who consume cannabis together often report increased satisfaction in their relationship. This is likely due to the fact that marijuana use heightens both mental and physical sensitivity, making all forms of physical intimacy more enjoyable.

Some people claim that using cannabis during sex improves the experience, while others say it makes them feel uncomfortably high. If you do plan on getting stoned before sex, talk to your partner about it first and make sure everyone is genuinely comfortable with the idea.

Downsides of Smoking Weed With Your Partner

Many will tell you that indulging in cannabis with your partner can often lead to problems. These difficulties stem from one person consuming so much that it starts impacting their life negatively.

Feelings of Tiredness

If you use cannabis regularly, it’s not uncommon to feel tired and sometimes even indifferent. When fatigue sets in, it often becomes difficult to do other engaging activities as a couple. For example, weekends might start filling up with countless hours of lying on the couch watching television instead of going out and having fun.


Tiredness caused by routines is common. For example, many smokers get stuck in the habit of smoking every evening or morning. Not only does this make it difficult tofunction normally, but the routine can become quite powerful over time. So if you want to avoid feeling tired all the time, try to mix up your weed smoking habits and don’t feel like you have to stick to a strict routine.

Smoking Solo Can Make One Partner Inaccessible

When one person smokes cannabis and the other doesn’t, it can put a lot of stress on the relationship. The person who is always stoned usually becomes more inaccessible and this can make the sober partner feel isolated and rejected. At the very least, being around a stoned person all the time can be quite boring.

Can Make It Difficult to Emotionally Provide for Another

If you frequently use cannabis, then it might be difficult for you to emotionally support someone else. Bigger issues will look challenging to handle when under the influence, and if you’re high all the time, they’ll always appear that way.

Easier to Develop a Problem With Someone Else

The most delightful aspect of smoking weed with a partner is also the thing that makes it so dangerous. It’s plain fun, and easy to fall into the trap of doing it often because you’re both having such a good time. However, after some point you might realize that what was once enjoyable has now become detrimental for both people involved in the relationship.

When multiple people use cannabis together, it becomes easier to form an unhealthy relationship with the drug.

You Can Come to Rely on Cannabis to Stimulate Your Relationship

You shouldn’t need to use cannabis every time you want to have fun with your partner. Use it sometimes for a new experience, but if smoking is the only way you can enjoy yourselves together, it might be worth Talk about it.

The Importance of Planning a Discussion With Your Partner About Cannabis Use

Discussing drug use is key to any good relationship, whether it’s partners talking about consuming cannabis together or one person discussing their solo use with the other. It’s essential for maintaining a healthy connection with another human being, and with drugs in general.

Though it may be easy for some to have a discussion about drug use, for others it can be quite sensitive. Because of this, the topic deserves honest and thoughtful attention. If needed, plan out your conversation ahead of time so that it flows smoothly.

Prepare to Talk To Your Partner About Cannabis Use

Before you talk to your partner about cannabis use, consider what points you want to make and why. This way, each person will have a chance to express themselves fully and be heard.

Understand Why You Use Cannabis and How It Affects You

If you want to be convincing when discussing cannabis, start by being honest about your relationship with it. Acknowledge both the positives and negatives of using cannabis. Remember that even if you enjoy it, there are still downsides. Honesty is key in any discussion – especially when that discussion is with yourself.

Research Legality

Cannabis laws are constantly changing and differ globally. In some places, cannabis is still illegal which you and your partner should be aware of if you chose to consume it. make sure that understand the legal ramifications in your area before consuming.

Be Compassionate

Any time drugs are involved in a discussion, whether you’re using them together or not, it’s important to be compassionate. Otherwise, one person may feel like they’re being pressured into something they don’t want to do, which is terrible.

If you want to talk to someone about their cannabis use, be compassionate. A kind approach is more likely to be successful if they do have a problem with cannabis consumption.

While Talking to Your Partner About Cannabis Use

After you’re done preparing, it’s time to talk. These types of conversations can get a bit emotional at times, so keep the following tips in mind.

Get Comfortable

To have the best conversation possible, make sure you’re both in a comfortable setting. If you try to discuss drug use while you’re out and about, it’s not likely to go well. Choose someplace safe where you won’t be interrupted so that you can take all the time needed.

Pick Your Moment

The right moment must be chosen in order to either consider using drugs or stopping drug use. The person has to be thinking clearly for this decision.

Listen to Feedback

Think about what your partner is saying to you. For example, if you have smoked weed together in the past and they did not enjoy it, do not try to convince them otherwise. Also, unless they bring it up first, do not try to persuade them into trying it again.

After Talking to Your Partner About Cannabis Use

Keep the conversation going even after you’ve initially talked about drug use. Just because someone used to like a particular drug doesn’t mean they always will; people’s desires can change over time.

Explore Cannabis Use Together!

To sum it up, incorporating cannabis into your relationship can be a great experience if you enter the situation cautiously.

Keep in mind that experimenting with cannabis as a couple is not just about consuming the drug. It’s also about learning how to use it responsibly, including knowing when NOT to take it. Another person can be extremely helpful in determining when your cannabis use is positive and beneficial, versus harmful–so take advantage of this chance.

When done correctly, using cannabis with a partner can be delightful.

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