Top Cannabis Strains For Creativity And Focus: Marijuana for Artists

creativity is hard to come by; it’s a result of several things work in tandem. However, if you’re looking for something to give you a little nudge in the right direction and help those ideas start flowing, look no further than this blog on marijuana strains! You’ll find everything from tips on what works best for legislation surrounding pot use.

Although you may be new to using cannabis, you might know that there are many different strains available, each with its own name and effects.

Many times, you can predict the feeling you’ll get from a strain by its name. For example, it’s safe to assume that strains with names like Space Queen or LSD will give users more energy than calmness. You can find information about many strains and read their descriptions on Gas-Dank before trying them yourself. But why do all these strains have such different effects? Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons below.

Indica or Sativa for Creativity?

Indicas, sativas, and hybrids are the three categories of marijuana. All strains generally fall under one of these three categories. Generally speaking, sativas give users energetic, stimulating, uplifting and creative effects whereas indicas provide calming sedative relaxing effects- though this may differ depending on the strain’s THC, CBD ,and other phytocannabinoid levels.

If you need a refresher on cannabidiol (CBD), check out one of our previous blog posts about how it affects the human body.

If you want to grow cannabis, familiarizing yourself with the various plant traits is a wise idea. For example, sativas are often tall plants that boast narrow leaves; they usually do well in warm climates and have earthy smells. Indica plants, on the other hand, tend to be shorter with broad leaves; they typically emit sweet aromas and prefer cooler climates.

In addition to cannabis type, terpenes also have a profound effect on strain effects.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the oils that give marijuana plants their signature smell. But these aromatic agents do more than just make your weed stink—they also play a role in the plant’s taste, effects, and even its pharmacological interactions. That’s according to research by Judith Booth, a doctoral candidate in genomics and biochemistry, and Joerg Bohlmann, a professor at the University of British Columbia. The two scientists believe terpenes could be used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, addiction epilepsy , cancer ,and infection .

Generally, the most effective strains for boosting creativity are Sativa-dominant. However, all cannabis strains have unique and beneficial terpenes.

The following are the top 5 strains that will help increase your creativity:

5 Best Strains for Creativity

1 – Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer, the namesake of this hybrid and legendary marijuana activist/author, would be proud of how many awards this strain has won. A cross between Northern Lights, True Haze, and Shiva Skunk – it offers users an uplifting high that’s almost euphoric. Jack Herer is especially beneficial for those seeking a mental buzz that will encourage creativity and philosophical thinking; all while remaining focused throughout its duration.

This strain’s extensive genetic background leads to numerous variations, and each phenotype has its own set of distinct features and effects. But on average, consumers report that this 55% sativa hybrid provides a clear-headed, blissful, and creative high. Its mellow effects leave the mind flexible and open to creativity.

Jack Herer was created by Dutch breeders in the 1990s and has since won multiple awards for being a high-quality, potent strain of medical-grade marijuana.

2 – Chemdawg Strain

If you’re looking for a strong cannabis strain that will give you a dizzying and euphoric high, Chemdawg may be just what you need. This 50:50 indica/sativa hybrid has average THC levels of 15-20%, making it one of the most potent strains around.

Chemdawg is not for novice smokers–it’s a favorite among those with more experience. Its users praise its ability to get the mind active and encourage creativity. Most people agree that this strain is ideal for art projects, crafts, or any task that requires some mental engagement.

Chemdawg is perfect for when you need to stay still while your brain does all the work because it has a heavy body high. It’s also renowned for being great at kick-starting innovative and imaginative thinking. Furthermore, the uplifting pain-relieving effects open up the mind for creativity gods to fill you with inspiration and insight.

3 – Durban Poison Strain

As a 100% pure sativa, Durban Poison is renowned for its sweetsmelling and uplifting effects. It gained notoriety worldwide after originating from the city of Durban in South Africa. This strain offers users a unique taste, similar to that of licorice or aniseed. Not only does it offer this great flavor profile but it also widely energizing; making it perfect for long days where productivity and creativity are key!

THC levels in Durban Poison strike the perfect balance for an all day high that’s noticeable but not overwhelming, so you can retain focus and be productive. This strain’s bonus of a distinct flavor is just the icing on the cake; its main selling point is the head high it offers. That makes it ideal for artists seeking a creativity boost or anyone who needs help staying focused throughout their day.

4 – Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze features a sativa to indica ratio of 80:20. Despite its name, this strain doesn’t make you feel foggy but rather helps sharpen your focus. Dutch coffee shop goers love it for its ability to wash away the day’s worries and help users find freedom from self-consciousness so they can create something new.

Although the name might be deceiving, this particular strain won’t get you so high that you start forgetting things. If anything, it usually piques your interests in creative outlets and brings on productive energy and motivation.

Amnesia Haze is a sativa that offers mental clarity and increased productivity along with decreased physical and mental fatigue.

5 – AK-47 Strain

Brainstorming sessions can sometimes take a while, but with AK-47, you won’t have to worry about that. This strain has won multiple Cannabis Cups and offers a long-lasting high that will keep you going until the task is done. However, don’t worry about getting too ahead of yourself; this strain has moderate THC levels which will produce an uplifting, productive, and peaceful experience all at once.

With a name like AK-47, you would expect an intense strain that packs a serious punch. However, this particular type of marijuana actually produces a mellow and reflective feeling, making it the perfect companion for creative endeavors. It has a sativa to indica ratio of 65:35 and is derived from Colombian, Afghani, Thai, and Mexican varieties.

The AK-47 weed strain is perfect not only for artists and musicians, but also entrepreneurs and business people who need to stay mentally alert. If you’re more of an introvert, it will still allow you to socialize when necessary.

Bonus Strain – LSD Strain

To finish our compilation of unique cannabis strains, we present this option.

Need a cannabis strain that will help you get your creative juices flowing? Try LSD. It’s known to be especially helpful when it comes to breaking writer’s block or any other creativity barriers. Users describe it as having a unique ability to induce an awe-inspiring, psychedelic high that can fuel massive amounts of creativity.

LSD is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Mazar and Skunk #1. It has an incredibly high THC level of almost 25%. The effects from this strain aren’t just strong, but you could also experience hallucinogenic properties. Don’t expect the same focus and clarity associated with most other strains on this list; LSD is more likely to leave you in a calm haze that helps surface creative or unique ideas.

This trip is not recommended for those who are faint of heart or inexperienced.LSD is known to spin and twist the imagination, leaving one creative person exhausted.

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