Top 5 Indoor Strains

Perfect indoor cannabis strains share several key characteristics, including a compact structure that’s easy to conceal, high THC content, flavorful terpenes, and rewarding yields. These strains meet all of those criteria.

There are both pros and cons associated with growing cannabis indoors. On the upside, growers have nearly complete control over their plants’ environment. This means they can easily regulate light, water, and nutrients. However, space can quickly become an issue when cultivating rapid-growing strains that tend to reach toward the light source.

Some skilled breeders have engineered cannabis strains specifically for indoor growing. These plants are typically shorter and more manageable, making them ideal for small grow tents or even refurbished computer towers and cupboards.

Why Grow Cannabis Indoors?

If you have difficulty getting your cannabis to grow outdoors due to the weather or a lack of sunlight, indoor grow tents may be a solution for you. With greater control over variables such as light schedules and humidity, growers can better ensure successful harvests on their own terms.

If you’re tired of people asking about the smell emanating from your home, indoor grow tents with carbon filters are for you. Not only will it eliminate the odors, but also reduce your risk of being caught and fined.

Are All Weed Strains Suitable for Indoor Grows?

While all cannabis strains can be grown indoors, some types of plants are much more equipped to handle the indoor environment than others. For example, bushy indica and autoflowering strains rarely get taller than 120cm, making them ideal for small spaces.

Indoor growing also allows cultivators more control over time. For example, photoperiod cannabis varieties flower only when the daylight hours start decreasing in autumn. However, indoors growers can change the light cycle to trigger flowering whenever they want. They could also extend the growth phase by keeping plants under a veg-specific light cycle.

If you’re looking to grow a potent sativa, be aware that they have the ability to reach 3 meters tall. You can stunts its growth somewhat by planting it in a smaller pot, however it won’t produce as much as strains grown specifically for indoor settings.

The cannabis strains below are perfect for people who want to grow weed indoors in small spaces. You can expect a great harvest if you choose one of these varieties.

Sinsemilla Superhero — HulkBerry

Our skilled breeders designed HulkBerry by asking themselves, “What would the ideal indoor strain look like?” After giving it some thought, they came to a conclusion on three key attributes: medium size, excellent productivity, and sky-high levels of THC. To achieve this result, they crossed parent strains OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The new polyhybrid that emerged was called HulkBerry—it met all three requirements and then some.

Overall, HulkBerry features 65% sativa genetics and 35% indica. She produces slender yet dense flowers boasting vibrant shades of green, yellow, and orange. Her buds are drenched with a viscous resin exuded by an abundance of trichomes. This gooey substance contains a wealth of valuable phytochemicals, including an impressive THC content of 27%.

Anyone thinking of trying these buds should proceed with caution. A few tokes is all it takes to feel the potent effects. Additionally, the refreshing terpene profile provides notes of citrus, diesel, herbs and pepper that make every hit enjoyable.

HulkBerry thrives indoors, with plants reaching a maximum height of 140cm. If you’re tight on space, though, using LST will keep the plant at a more manageable 80cm. After 9 to 11 weeks of flowering, you can expect to harvest 400 to 450g/m² worth of product.

Shoot for the Stars — Royal Skywalker

Royal Skywalker will take your brain to new heights while tantalizing your taste buds. Even if you’re a beginner when it comes to indoor growing, Royal Skywalker is easy to grow and will help you become a green-fingered Jedi Master in no time. This slightly indica-dominant cultivar possesses 60% indica genetics and 40% sativa. In an attempt to create a timeless indoor cultivar, our breeders crossed the legendary Blueberry with Mazar.

Many growers are drawn to Royal Skywalker for different reasons. Some see pictures of her unique flowers and feel compelled to have them; the deep shades of green bordering on blackness are incredibly alluring. Others choose to grow this plant because of her high THC level; at 25%, it doesn’t take much smoke to feel the effects. The result is a powerful stash that lasts longer than if it were composed of weaker flowers. Lastly,Royal Skywalker’s scrumptious terpene profile (featuring notes of blueberry, citrus, and pepper) is like icing on the cake

The Royal Skywalker is perfect for anyone looking for an easy indoor growing experience. Once you switch your lights to a flowering schedule, this plant will start forming buds within 9-10 weeks. By the end of that timeframe, you can expect to trim and dry up to 600g/m² of frosty flowers.

Tastes of Nature — AMG

There are several reasons why you should grow AMG (Amnesia Mac Ganja) in your grow tent. Our breeders designed this variety to be grown indoors, and it is a hybrid of two well-known strains: Amnesia and Mexican Haze. With an 80% sativa dominant profile, AMG is one of the few sativas that performs well under artificial lights.

Aside from having great indoor growing attributes, AMG also produces an impressive THC content of 22%, which will give you a heavy psychoactive high when you smoke or vape her buds. It won’t completely melt your brain, but it will certainly be enjoyable. Gear up for a long-lasting cerebral experience that will have you reaching for your creative implement of choice, or calling up old friends. AMG’s terpenes synergise with this psychoactive cannabinoid to produce a grounding feeling—not to mention appealing flavours of citrus and earth.

AMG flowers in 10-11 weeks, which is on the longer side for a sativa plant. However, she produces up to 500g/m² , making her a very productive plant. Despite her great return, plants rarely exceed a height of 120cm. If you’re particularly pressed for space, consider main-lining and LST to keep her at an easily manageable height of 80cm.

Royally Productive — Mother Gorilla

Mother Gorilla provides an euphoric effect that could even tame the most agitated silverback. Aside from making you feel great, this strains also ticks all of the boxes of an excellent indoor variety. She’s compact, highly productive, and relatively quick to flower. Overall, she offers everything you need if you’re in search of something that will fill your stash jars without taking up too much space in the grow room.

Mother Gorilla has a 70% sativa-dominant genetic profile and can trace its roots all the way back to Gorilla Glue 4, one of the most prolific and potent strains in America. To create Mother Gorilla, our breeders crossed GG4 with Reina Madre. The result is beautiful green-purple flowers with 23% THC levels and a complex terpene profile that delivers flavours of chocolate, earth, herbs, Skunk, and sourness.

Growers who want to keep their plants hidden often grow them indoors. These growers should pick plant strains that are easy to control and take up little space. Growers can use LST and other training techniques to keep Mother Gorilla at a maximum height of 60cm while still allowing the plant to produce 500g/m² of flowers over 9–10 weeks.

The Queen of Tang — Mimosa

This variety gets her name from boozy brunch drinks. If you enjoy a mimosa or other champagne-based drink, you’ll know exactly what this weed tastes like. The combination of champagne and orange is exciting for the taste buds while the bubbly booze stimulates the mind.

Inhaling Mimosa will achieve similar results whether you’re taking bong rips or smoking joints. As a hybrid offspring of Clementine and Purple Punch, this sativa-dominant polyhybrid has a tart yet invigorating aroma with an underlying earthy quality. With 22% THC, she’ll work quickly to lift your spirits and relax your body. Whether you use her in the morning or afternoon, Mimosawill provide the energy needed for socializing, creative endeavors, or even just completing some household chores!

Thankfully, achieving a stash of these potent flowers takes little effort. Indoors, Mimosa reaches around 80cm at most; apply some light training and limit pot size to keep her at just 60cm for peak stealth. Though small in stature, plants will reward you with 350–450g/m² after a flowering period of 9–10 weeks.

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