Rolling Trays Guide

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If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy your blunts or joints, look no further than the rolling tray. This tool will help you get a clean prep and consumption experience every time.

What is a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray allows you to work on a flat surface, which will help you roll joints, blunts, and spliffs more efficiently. If you’re like me and enjoy creating aesthetically appealing wraps, a rolling tray is one way to take your smoking game to the next level.

As we are the world’s leading authorities on the subject, utilizing a bespoke rolling tray is even better.

What are Rolling Trays Used For?

Rolling trays are utilized to keep all of your goods in one area while you roll and provide a flat surface for rolling activities. It’s also effective at catching anything that may come loose during the procedure.

They also make it easier to roll since they can be placed in your lap. You may store all of your supplies after you’ve finished rolling them up.

Rolling joints and blunts is made easier with these tools. Some people roll right over their kitchen counters, plates, or coffee tables. This may be a time-consuming process that results in additional cannabis falling on the ground and equipment being susceptible to falling down and getting damaged or crushed. If you roll frequently, you’ll want one of these.

As the cannabis industry expands, many individuals who would have never considered the advantages of the sacred herb a few years ago are now discovering how to roll a Joint. Although first-timers will benefit from all that’s available, there are several accessories and methods to consume marijuana nowadays. Today’s smoking goods make cannabis smoking less stressful and more engaging.

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What are the Benefits?

Many people choose to smoke marijuana using a joint. Joints and blunts are common smoking devices, but there are several advantages to rolling your own joints and blunts. Some of the advantages include:

Flat Surface to Roll on

Whether you’re rolling on a table or a counter, it’s difficult to stand up or lean over for the duration of the grinding and rolling process, especially if you’re already slightly stoned.

Using a rolling tray provides you with a clean, level surface on which to carefully roll your joints or blunts. When you use a tray, you won’t have to twist your body awkwardly or worry about making a mess.

As a smoker, you’re always on the lookout for the greatest of the best, which means you want your buds free of any impurities. This is why it’s so vital to have a clean surface to make your joint of dreams.

Placeholder for Accessories

Are you sick of having to bring everything you need with you every time you want to use marijuana?

A bamboo rolling tray comes with designated holders for your tools and materials, so everything is organized and in one place- perfect for when you want to roll up. Just be sure to store it in a cool, dry area if you also plan on keeping your weed there.

Clean Table

A rolling tray gives you a designated space to roll that helps keep your table cannabis-free and any weed that falls out in the process.

The worst part of rolling a joint directly on the table is all the weed ground up gets scattered everywhere. This creates a sticky table surface and unusable weed that’s attracted crumbs or dirt after it landed.

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What Can I Use As a Rolling Tray?

Here are some last-minute rolling tray ideas that may help you keep your rolling activities in one area:

Cafeteria Tray

A cafeteria tray is ideal for rollercoasters because it has various sizes and shapes of sections which can hold the different parts you need. They’re also quite unique, so your coaster will stand out from all the others!


A book is a flat surface that might assist you keep all of your stuff in one spot in an emergency. Just choose the biggest book available and try to keep it upright!

Trinket Tray

A trinket tray is a flat item that usually features elevated edges and is the two most common shapes. If you already have a trinket tray, you may instead than purchasing a new one for your needs.


You can also use a plate with raised edges and a flat surface as a rolling tray if you don’t have one handy. Even better, a plate may be easily cleaned using hot water and elbow power. Just make sure to clean it well before putting food on it.

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A frisbee may be a little tight on space, but it will undoubtedly catch any falling weeds in the center of the disc. When it comes to utilizing surfaces that are plastic or combustible, having a specific ashtray on hand is the most essential thing.


A book will suffice if you don’t have one. A magazine will also do the trick! Make sure you get a large magazine, just as with the previous advice.


Consider the rolling tray to be the center of your smoking activities. Having a specific location for rolling is essential. It makes rolling and cleaning up a breeze. Rather than scattering crumbs as they fall off while rolling, they land on your tray, allowing you to use them later. They make everything simpler. You won’t have to search for your rolling paper, grinder, or even lighter because it wouldn’t be necessary. It organizes your procedure, ensuring that you get a chilled, calm, and pleasurable hit every time.

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