Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Crumble Wax

what is crumble wax and how do you smoke it 3 - Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Crumble Wax

Crumble wax is one of the most popular concentrate products, and it’s gaining more attention among cannabis users. You might be asking yourself, “What exactly is crumble wax?” It’s a kind of hash that has been produced through a process similar to making budder.

Crumble wax’s excellent reputation may be attributed to the fact that it has a robust taste profile and high concentration.

You could not have heard of this cannabis concentrate before. Even if you already use it, you may want to learn more about it. Read on to discover answers to questions like “what is crumble wax?” “How do I utilize crumble wax?” and “why is crumble wax so well-loved and highly valued by all the more cannabis users?”

What is Crumble Wax?

A strong concentrate with a dry, fragile, and powdery feel is crumble wax, honeycomb wax, crumble dab, or simply crumb wax. It’s a cannabis extract with a malleable texture that fractures when handled.

ways to smoke crumble wax - Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Crumble Wax

Although crumble wax may be more difficult to handle than concentrates, it is widely considered to provide customers with a particularly potent and delicious experience. The color of crumble wax usually changes from pale yellow to amber. Crumble contains approximately 90% THC, on average.

It’s a highly adaptable form of cannabis concentrate that can be smoked or consumed in a variety of ways. It may also be added to joints, blunts, and spliffs with ease, as well as a number of other methods we will go through in greater depth.

The texture of crumble, which is referred to in its name, comes from a unique manufacturing process. This entails heating at lower temperatures for longer periods of time than other concentrates such as oil, shatter, and so on do. This method, as well as others like it, transforms a wet concentrate into a drier concentrate. The end result is less of a liquid extraction, such as shatter, rather than a thicker liquid extraction. Because crumble is dry, it aids in the prevention of mold and decontamination when kept or left unused for lengthy periods of time by some consumers.

Benefits of Crumble

Preparation method

More terpenes may be retained in shatter and other types of concentrates by crumpling at a lower temperature with longer vacuuming times, according to one study. Terpenes can provide additional health benefits and may even enhance the flavor profile.


Even ingesting little amounts of concentrates like crumble wax might produce significant effects. When compared to dry flower, you can consume far less product and yet obtain a strong high. As usual, for novices and even experienced users, caution is advised when using concentrates.

Highly versatile

When it comes to crumble wax, you have a lot of alternatives. It may be smoked, dabbed, vaporized, and used in edibles.

How Can You Use Crumble Wax?

what is crumble wax and how do you smoke it 2 - Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Crumble Wax

As previously stated, crumble wax is a very flexible cannabis concentrate that may be consumed in a variety of ways. Obviously, there are the most common smoking techniques for crumble wax, as well as other methods that people aren’t aware of. To be more specific, we’ve discovered 7 distinct ways to smoke crumble wax.

Another benefit is that if you don’t have enough crumble to make a single cigar, you’ll still have enough to slice it up and squeeze it into an ice cream sandwich or some other dessert. Furthermore, if you’re left with only a little of crumble after baking and no means to smoke it, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. We’ll go through several techniques that don’t require the use of any tools or specialized equipment. So without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Dab it

The most popular way to use crumble is as a concentrate, and concentrates in general. If you’ve never dabbed before, this may pique your interest. The preparation process for crumble wax is similar to that of all other concentrates. Simply scoop up a little quantity of the wax with your dabber (dab tool), heat the nail with your blow torch to the desired temperature (lower temperatures promote terpene flavor retention), and dab away!

When scooping or moving the crumble wax with your tool, be careful since the texture may make it difficult to adhere to the tip of a dabber. For crumbling wax, we recommend using a spoon-shaped dabber. You might also try heating your dabber tool slightly before inserting it into your crumble stash in order for it to melt somewhat and stick to the end. Dabbing has powerful effects, so proceed with caution if you’re a novice user.

Vape it

It’s not truly “smoking,” but it’s a fantastic way to utilize your crumble wax. To vaporize it, you’ll either need a vape pen or a dry herb vaporizer that also works with concentrates.

Using a Vape Pen

For example, if you’re using a vape pen, you’ll need a pen with a detachable atomizer that you can use. Atomizers are simply a heating element that is usually composed of metal and heated using the battery.

It’s possible to use a dab pen on it, but rather than using the atomizer, simply dab the crumble wax onto the unheated coil. When connecting the atomizer to the battery chamber, turn on the switch. All you have to do now is attach the mouthpiece, press the button and hold while putting your lips around the mouthpiece and drawing slowly. It’s typically best of not to go too fast when doing things.

Using a Vaporizer

If you do this approach, it’s critical to ensure that your vaporizer is compatible with concentrates. If you use a concentrate pad, it will make things much easier. Simply heat up the concentrate as usual and place the concentrate pad in the chamber before adding your little amount of crumble on top. Close the lid and take a puff – usually everything evaporates in one breath, so make them count!

Smoke it

Smoking crumbles isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as you may believe. Of course, you may smoke crumble in the same fashion that you would any other dry herb. However, when it comes to smoking, it’s vital to keep in mind that crumble isn’t sufficient on its own. Crumble wax can be a wonderful addition to a joint or blunt since it is simple to make. Simply add a little amount of crumble wax into your dry flower mix and wrap it up for quick smoking!

Eat it

If you don’t want to smoke, you may use your crumble wax to make recreational edibles! In recent years, the production of cannabis-infused edible products has exploded in popularity. You won’t have to go through the time-consuming process of decarbing, steeping, and straining plant material because the concentrate has already been decarbed during the extraction process. Remove the cannabis from the oven and lay it out on a dish towel for about 15 minutes before removing it. Place the buds in an oil warmer or a pan filled with hot water. Remove the cannabis from the oil and break off any visible strands until no more than three inches of plant material remain. In a pan over low heat, warm coconut oil with your desired amount of crumble, stirring until all of the crumble dissolves. Now you can utilize your cannabis-infused oil in whatever food or drink you like!

When cannabis oil is heated excessively, it can lose terpenes and cannabinoids. Using the oil in a dish that doesn’t require much heat, such as smoothies and sauces, is a good substitute.

Bong / Pipe it

Do you want to smoke wax but don’t want to use a dab rig? If you have a similar piece of equipment, such as a bong, you’re in luck. The main difference between these two glass products is that one lacks a nail and the other includes one.

Rather of smoking through a nail, you must use a specific technique to fill your bowl. If you’re new to it, keep reading…

Place a bigger-diameter bud or two in the bowl. Apply a few pieces of wax to seal the bud. Fill the remaining space in the bowl with another grind. As usual, light up and enjoy after your bowl is finished smoking.

The most concentrated area of the wax is in the center of the bowl, giving it an oven-like heating effect.

Healthstone it

The preceding approach is likewise a distinct method, albeit one that extends on the same concept. Healthstones are a form of glass with the texture of volcanic rock. They’re designed to be used with pipes and bongs to smoke wax. Place the stone in your pipe’s or bong’s bowl region, either within the bowl itself or inside the titanium nail’s base section. Smoke should be able to flow through it and onto the mouthpiece by placing it in such a manner that allows for airflow.

After you’ve set the healthstone, add a little bit of crumble wax to it. Alternatively, you may use a butane flame to heat it and then smoke it as usual. Remember that cannabis wax hits should be enjoyed in moderation.

Hot Knives it 

crumble 3 - Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Crumble Wax

This method is not only simple, but it also doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need are knives to complete the task. This approach has previously been covered in a separate post on another cannabis concentrate, hash; you may read that article here. When you don’t have access to any tools or anything else that can be used to smoke crumble wax easily, this technique is ideal for late nights.

Place the blade of a butter knife over your stove until it’s nearly red hot, careful not to burn yourself, then apply some wax to it. As the wax evaporates, clouds of vapor will emerge; at this point you take a puff of the smoke.

The disadvantage of this technique is that it quickly dissipates in the open air, according to some people. Inhaling the smoke through a funnel, straw, or the top half of a plastic bottle is one method for doing so.

Why Is Crumble Wax So Popular?

CB2, which is a chemical compound found in cannabis, has been used for centuries to enhance the experience of smoking flowers. But crumble wax takes it one step further by infusing the buds you buy at your local dispensary with even more THC or CBD than normal concentrates. We should also note that some users report having a mild cerebral high from CB2 when using it as an edibles-only strain.

What is the top ceiling height? It’s anywhere from two to four times larger than regular marijuana!

Crumble wax has an average THC content of 50 to 90%, but it can range from 50% to more than 100% depending on the original strain you start with. Even the greatest cannabis strain in your joint, blunt, or spliff produces only around 25%.

So, it’s easy to understand why this sort of extract is such a big deal: With just one or two hits, you may get quite high!


There are many more ways to smoke crumble wax without having the required apparatus, in case you were wondering. You may find yourself a new favorite way to utilize crumble wax by trying one of these methods out. You could just discover a new way to utilize crumbling wax that you didn’t know about!

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