Desert Cannabis Strains

Growing cannabis outdoors in a hot and dry environment has certain difficulties. You can’t expect all strains to flourish equally well in such harsh surroundings. Some cannabis genes, on the other hand, have adaptability that allows them to thrive in hotter and drier areas than usual. We put our strains through a number of tests to see how they perform in various conditions. So, if you’re searching for some tried-and-true autoflower cannabis seeds or feminised desert cannabis strains seeds to cultivate in a heat wave, this is the place to be!

What are the influences of a hot climate with low humidity on cannabis?

Many plants can be severely dehydrated if they are exposed to hot, dry conditions. Certain strains are more susceptible than others. On the other hand, certain strains can withstand even severe heat and desiccation and produce high-quality crops. Starting with the greatest plant genetics for such a scenario guarantees that your plants will be able to endure lengthy periods of hot/dry desert weather.

If you have an outdoor garden, the plants may be receiving insufficient water. However, if the soil is dry and sandy, nutrition may be a problem. The following strains can withstand these situations, but do your best to improve the soil as much as possible when growing outside. In regions with little rainfall, intense sunshine is often constant.

A hot and dry climate cannabis grower may profit from their ability to cultivate with hardy, long-lived genes that do not wilt.

Best cannabis seeds to grow in a hot dry climate

Many outside producers choose sativa cannabis seeds as the best alternative in hot and arid regions. Many will be outstanding choices that perform well.

Sativa strains thrive in warmer, wetter, and more humid environments, while indica seeds are often superior in their natural “jungle” habitat. If you want to germinate cannabis seeds in a hot, dry environment, certain indica strains may be an excellent choice. All of the Dutch Passion strains listed below are powerful, trustworthy indicas that have proven success among outdoor producers in hot, dry regions.

The following four strains have all shown to flourish in hot, dry climates. The photoperiod feminised seed is frequently available, although the autoflowering strain is also an option.

Mazar Desert Cannabis Strains

Mazar is a high-THC strain with a THC concentration of 23%. She’s one of the most powerful indica strains around, thanks to her high THC content. These cannabis cup-winning strains are particularly well-suited to surviving hot weather in low humidity conditions. This implies that, in a hot European (or North American) heatwave, where temperatures soar, Mazair will outperform than she would in steamy, humid jungle environments.

The Afghani Kush strains’ resistance to cold night temperatures makes them an ideal choice for indoor growers in hot climates. If you’re an indoor grower in a hot climate, Mazar is a fantastic alternative. Just make sure your RH levels are kept as low as possible throughout the remainder of the bloom cycle.

Auto Mazar is a respected breeder of heat-resistant autoflowering cannabis strains who should be considered by growers looking for heat-tolerant plants. Auto Mazar works well both inside and outside. The Mazar/Auto Mazar marijuana strains have taken home several cannabis cups.

Even throughout the hot and arid growing season, these marijuana seeds have been examined and demonstrated to withstand years of harsh conditions. They also include high THC levels, which are robust enough to please connoisseurs searching for more potency.

Master Kush Desert Cannabis Strains

If you live in a hot, dry climate and long for the unparalleled quiet and tranquility that comes with excellent Kush, Master Kush feminised cannabis seeds are what you’re looking for. In 2017, Master Kush won the Highlife Cup, which is regarded as one of Europe’s most distinguished competitions.

She was also given the title of Best Kush at a cannabis cup event in 2018. The judges praised her unique, hashy terpene profile and relaxing, anti-anxiety effects.

The original Kush strain, which is wonderfully enjoyable, has it all: the body and the soul. This eternally happy original Kush strain is fully medicated. If you love the effects of a cannabis cup-winning Kush in a hot, dry environment ahead of you, Master Kush has some fantastic ideas!

Banana Blaze Desert Cannabis Strains

Banana Blaze is a powerful indica strain developed by Sensi Seeds for those who have long, hot summers. It’s an old-school, hardy, and durable indica strain with a delicious banana taste. Banana Blaze seeds come from Afghani Kush, one of the fathers of cannabis seed varieties.

These are for robust and hardy plant characteristics that are naturally predisposed to thrive in a variety of environments. Banana Blaze is particularly well suited to hot, dry weather with low humidity. This indica has a tremendous canopy potential and is actually forgiving.

She grows a high-yielding crop of extremely potent cannabis in locations where other strains would fail. She is simple to grow, even in the hottest and steamiest of summers.

Banana Blaze is a popular sweet indica strain with a banana taste that cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy growing.

The Royal Queen is the queen of all auto-flowering cannabis strains. This Mr Nice Seeds autoflower strain is certain to satisfy, generating high yields with a lot of THC. It has a delicious flavor and smells like bananas when ripe. Auto Banana Blaze, one of the greatest hot-weather autoflowering cannabis seeds, takes about 12 weeks to develop from seed to fruition, but it produces big harvests while keeping THC levels consistent.

Night Queen Desert Cannabis Strains

The Autoflower Queen is one of the quickest-maturing autoflower strains. She generally blooms in 10 weeks after planting an autoflowering cannabis seed.

The Incredible Melting Ice Queen is a powerful Indica mix bred by the legendary Sensi Seeds. The strain has won multiple awards and was selected to be part of the Rock Star cannabis seeds collection. The original version was named after one of Sensi’s medical patients, via its creator. -> If you want to produce your marijuana fast and with lots of THC, then the Amazing Night Queen auto-flowering strains are ideal. The genes are naturally robust, belonging to the Afghani Kush cannabis seed collection.

Auto Night Queen is a strong strain if you live in a hot, dry environment! Auto Night Queen took home the 2016 Highlife Cannabis Cup (Auto-flower seed category) in the Autoflower category after winning the 2016 Highlife Cannabis Cup (Autoflower seed category).

Blackberry Kush Desert Cannabis Strains

One of the most popular strains in Colorado is Blackberry Kush, which is why it’s no surprise that this potent mix comprises of a high percentage of Indica. It’s stunning to look at and has an exquisite scent, as well as everything a quality-conscious grower in a hot/dry climate could want.

She is also one of the quickest auto-flowering strains available. Some phenotypes can be harvested in as little as 9 weeks after germination.

Many of the plants’ buds will be dark blue/purple in color, with delightful dark fruit/berry scents and aromas. The Auto Blackberry Kush seeds are from the Blue cannabis seed category, which includes Blueberry as well as other strains.

Hot and dry climate cannabis growing basic tips

When the weather is hot and dry, you’ll need to do all possible to make your plants’ development as easy and stress-free as feasible.

  • Regular watering will be essential
  • When the weather becomes scorching, you may need to shield your plant from the sun or move it to a more temperate or cooler location.
  • Dark-colored plant containers in direct sunshine can cook the root ball, so avoid using them. To assist, place the container inside a white/reflective covering.
  • Place your plant in a bright, sunny place or on a cool, humid environment. On hot surfaces like black tiles or others, avoid putting it outside in an outside container.
  • Plants will recover when relocated to cooler surroundings and given water after a heat-related wilting. Water is frequently provided in the morning and at night by givers. Avoid putting your plants outside in pots, such as over a scorching hot weekend, because they may be damaged.

Many cannabis growers in hot and dry areas grow their plants straight in the earth rather than using pots. If the soil is wet and nutrient-dense, your cannabis plant may deal with it (and with more flexibility) than it would in a tiny container. Water absorbing gel crystals for soil may help retain huge quantities of moisture at root level.

The use of slow-release organic nutrients, such as those from BioTabs, is also common among many successful outdoor gardeners. This makes feeding easier by reducing the amount of bloom nutrients required.

Auto Blueberry, a descendant of Northern Lights X, and Blueberry, a Skunk #1 derivative, are among the highest-THC indica strains. These will provide better results in hot and dry conditions than other high-THC indica strains. Cannabis may be cultivated successfully in a hot and dry climate if the right seeds are used.

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