Cherry OG Strain Review

cherry og strain review - Cherry OG Strain Review

The Cherry OG strain is a cross between two potent mixed strains: Lost Coast OG and Cherry Thai. While these are not landraces in and of themselves, they have been passed down some strong characteristics to Cherry OG. Users should anticipate both an intense high as well as a cerebral high. It’s a strain that’s both uplifting and powerful. THC sensitivity Those who are sensitive to it should take it easy and slowly. We recommend you to try Cherry Pie.

The fragrance of Cherry OG is lovely and complex. It features floral and cherry undertones, two elements that have undoubtedly influenced its name. While it is recognized for its fragrance and rich, fruity flavor, some people may not be aware that it’s ideal for unwinding after a long day.

What is the Cherry OG Strain?

cherry og strain review 02 397x400 - Cherry OG Strain ReviewCherry OG is a mix of several well-known cannabis strains that comes together to form an excellent hybrid. Although it isn’t a pure strain, this might be beneficial for a few reasons. Its lengthy pedigree reads like a who’s who of the cannabis industry.

The parent strain is Cherry Thai crossed with the indica Afghani. The produced offspring were combined once again with Lost Coast OG, an indica-leaning strain with a high concentration of sativa. It has a proportion of about 60/40 indica and 60/40 sativa.

The Cherry OG strain, on the other hand, is more than the sum of its parts. It blazes a trail all its own and delivers a pleasant, full-bodied punch. This strain proves that it’s strong enough to provide a powerful high. However, don’t let this deter you. While the high is amplified considerably, it isn’t harsh in any way. Instead, it has a smooth feel to it that makes for an energetic buzz with a subtle uplift that’s somewhat dichotomous.

To put it another way, Cherry OG is a perfect balance of polarities. It’s lively without being harsh, and yet it’s soothing and relaxing. If you have things to do but want to relax for a bit, this may be the strain for you. You’ll feel like you’re flying high while remaining clear-headed rather than becoming mindless like some other strains. Your creativity will be flowing freely, and your attention will be laser-like in its precision.

Emerald Triangle Seeds created Cherry OG. It has a high THC concentration, usually around 22%. Despite its THC content, it contains traces of CBD at 1%. The Cherry OG strain is great for growing fast since it blossoms quickly and produces big crops.


The aroma of Cherry OG is well-known. Its powerful odor is distinctive yet pleasant. It has undertones of deep, damp earthiness, but its overall character is fruity and sweet. Users praise its candied smoke tinged with notes of cherry and diesel. It has some sour and tangy nuances without being harsh or acrid.


Cherry OG is just as delicious as it smells. The first puff may explain why it is so well-known. A distinct flavor of cherry is present, along with blueberry and strawberry. The delicious, fruity flavor of diesel surprisingly goes well with the sweet, fruitiness of Cherry OG.

Despite the fact that this flavor appears strange to you, it works well with fruity, sweet flavors. Vanilla aromas as well as a sour, citrusy zest are present. On the exhale, earth notes may be detected.


Some people are perplexed by the look of Cherry OG. It has large buds packed with trichomes, which gives it a sugary, somewhat crystalline appearance. It also has a lot of color. The dense clusters are dotted with oranges, red flecks, and a variety of greens.

Cherry OG Strain Grow Info

Cherry OG seeds are sturdy and powerful. This strain has a lineage that goes back to the famous indica Afghani as well as Cherry Thai. It’s strong because of its heritage. It can stand up to many irritants and pests, such as mold and mildew, despite being resistant.

Cultivators have some adaptability when it comes to cultivating. It can grow both outside and indoors. However, like its Afghan parent, it thrives best in a hot, dry environment, similar to the one that is common in Pakistan. Temperatures of no less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit are desired by cultivators.

When grown indoors, the indica characteristics are dominant and make it ideal for rich green, heavy yields. However, if cultivated as an outdoor plant in climates where nighttime temperatures do not drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, such as California or Hawaii, THC levels may be low. That’s why many people think that sativa is a better choice for them. As a result of its rapid growth and long flowering time, this strain has some extremely high yield potentials. This type of cannabis can boast up to 14 ounces per meter when produced correctly! Cherry OG responds well to various cultivation techniques like Sea of Green (SOG).

Cherry OG requires at least 12 hours of sunshine for maximum development. It’s a good idea to trim branches to allow proper air and light circulation.

THC Content – Highest Test

  • Most estimates average around 22% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

  • It has low CBD that comes in at about 1%.

cherry og strain review03 - Cherry OG Strain Review

Medical Benefits of the Cherry OG Strain

Cherry OG marijuana is used to treat stress and anxiety. It is thought to reduce stress while increasing energy, attention, and focus. It isn’t commonly utilized for sleep or to control sleeping habits, however it has been reported to alleviate symptoms of depression, which can help you get better sleep.

The sativa characteristic of this strain has made it popular among users. It is a strain that many people have used to treat aches and pains. Users have reported that this cannabis variety is highly successful in decreasing muscular spasms while also increasing hunger. Consumers of Cherry OG claim that this plant can help with migraines, social anxiety, and nausea as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry OG Strain

Adverse effects are inherent with any kind of psychoactive substance, including marijuana. The most typical adverse effect of cannabis usage is dehydration, which is typically shown as dryness in the eyes and mouth owing to cannabinoids inhibiting moisture production in both areas. Some novices may feel a little discomfort, but it is easily relieved by drinking a couple of glasses of water.

Although seldom, excessive consumption can lead to temporary dizziness, increased anxiety, and paranoia. As such, it is best to consume the strain with restraint and not mix with alcohol and other intoxicants.

Final Thoughts on the Cherry OG Strain

The Cherry OG strain is a cerebral high that is both powerful and energizing. Despite its euphoric effects, it isn’t a harsh or bitter strain. THC intolerants, on the other hand, should take caution while consuming this one. It has a THC content of up to 22% with low CBD at 1%. It also has a complicated backstory that contributes indica and sativa characteristics. The potent strains Cherry Thai, an Afghani variety, and Lost Coast OG are responsible for this one’s creation.

Its ability to produce a powerful high without the mind-bending effects of other strains makes it ideal for getting through the day. It may be consumed at any time of day and helps with social anxiety. This in mind, this is an excellent strain for spending time with friends and unwinding.

Cherry, berry, sour, and diesel aromas are popular with consumers. It’s a fast grower that flowers in only 9-10 weeks. It thrives in a hot, dry environment but performs well both inside and outside. Growers who wish to cultivate indoors can use a variety of techniques to extract color and enhance high production levels. Paying close attention to soil content and providing plenty of light may result in up to 14 ounces per square meter growth.

In all, this is a strain that would be ideal for anyone looking to rest and get things done. You won’t have to worry about being dragged down or tired because of its exuberant energy. Its uplifting buzz will ensure that your creative juices flow and assist you in completing day-to-day chores.

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