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weed vape pens beginners guide 6 - Best Weed Vape

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Even in jurisdictions where cannabis is fully legal, public use of the drug is prohibited. Depending on your location, you can anticipate to be fined at least $500 or face a criminal charge. As a result, you may only consume it inside your home.

Keep in mind that the CBD laws differ from those of marijuana and THC. Unlike them, using CBD is not legal throughout the United States. Because it’s not, DON’T think it’s allowed everywhere. Instead, each state has its own legislation on the subject, which also includes whether you’re permitted to consume CBD in public or not.

We only advise the use of cannabis in public if it is absolutely necessary. If you choose to vape on the go, be sure to do so discreetly. You need a vape device that can easily be concealed and fits comfortably in your pocket or handbag. It should also only take a couple of seconds to have a hit before ensuring it is removed from view of the general public.

This article will help you choose the finest discreet vape pen, but keep in mind that cannabis consumption is illegal in public unless it’s CBD-Only in states where it’s legal.

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KandyPens C-Box Mini

At just 68mm tall, the C-Box Mini from top-rated brand is one of the smallest vape pens you’ll find. It’s a magnetic 510-threaded battery that works with CBD and THC cartridges. The hole is designed to fit most popular vape cartridge types; any cartridge or tank with a diameter of less than 11mm should work with the C-Box Mini.

The C-Box Mini is cartridges and tanks that are less than 11 mm in diameter.

The C-Box Mini is doesn’t result in any weird bulges, fitting snugly into your pocket . Despite its size, this vape pen has a powerful 390mAh battery. It is also easy to use:

  • Choose the magnetic adapter you wish to use.
  • Screw the cartridge into it.
  • Put the cartridge and adaptor into the battery’s cartridge receptacle.
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece to begin, as the C-Box Mini is draw activated.

The C-Box Mini is small, light, and portable. It’s also inexpensive and easy to use. Simply press the button three times quickly for a quick hit while out on the town. A single draw of only 2 seconds provides excellent flavor. If you have more time, take advantage of it by smoking the C-Box Mini for 8 full seconds. This vape pen also has a micro USB port for convenient charging.

The only negative is that the C-Box Mini can only interact with liquids and oils. But, considering it’s only $25, this product is an amazing deal.

Vaporesso Renova ZERO

The Vaporesso Renova ZERO is a tiny but mighty vape device, measuring in at 80.2mm high and 31mm wide. It’s Vaporesso’s first all-in-one device and contains a condensed version of their OMNI chip, making it ideal for newbies to the world of vaping. The ZERO has three power settings, automatic temperature control, and various other safety features.

The ZERO comes with the device, a refillable pod, an e-juice refilling bottle and USB charging cable. It also has three temperature settings:

  • Low: 9W
  • Medium: 5W
  • High: 12W

The ZERO has your safety in mind with features like overtime protection and short circuit protection. It is also pass-through protected and leak-proof, making it easy for you to use without worry.

Please note: You must utilize the supplied refill bottle since its spout is specifically designed for the pod. There’s only one button on the ZERO, which you press to turn it on and off. It’s draw activated, so wait a few seconds while the liquid heats up and begins using it.

The ZERO comes equipped with LED lights that indicate both the power setting and battery level, so you’re never left in the dark. With a 650mAh battery, this device outperforms its competitors by delivering richer flavor and thicker clouds. And at only $30, it’s an unbeatable value.

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BBTank Vape Key Box

This vape device is designed to look like a car key, so you can take it out of your pocket without attracting attention. It’s just 62mm high and 11mm in diameter, with a 510-threaded connection where the key would usually go on a key fob. This means you can store your cartridge safely within the fob while you’re travelling.

This vape device is designed to look like a car key, so you can take it out of your pocket without attracting attention.

To use, push the front-facing button and the cartridge will spring open instantly. To turn on the BBTank, press the ‘fire’ button five times rapidly on the side of the tank. To begin heating the liquid, hold down the ‘fire’ button for two seconds. After 15 seconds of continuous usage, power is automatically shut off by battery.

The 350mAh Li-ion battery provides a surprisingly long amount of usage on a single charge. However, it takes a long time to charge fully. While the BBTank isn’t the most advanced vape pen in the world, for less than $20, it performs adequately.

Voopoo Drag Nano

The Drag Nano is only 54.5mm, making it even smaller than the C-Box Mini! However, the word ‘Drag’ being displayed on the side of the box may be a turnoff for those looking for more privacy while using this device. It closely resembles Voopoo’s Drag Platinum but doesn’t include buttons or a screen display. Even with its small size, the Nano includes a 750mAh battery–powerful enough to satisfy most users.

The Nano comes with one pod, and it has the capacity to hold 1ml. It is durably constructed and even includes an adorable necklace that doubles as a lanyard. The vapors from the pen are smooth and satisfying, especially considering it’s such a budget-friendly device.

The LED lights indicate the battery’s charge status. It is green when there is 61 percent or more power, blue when there is 21 to 60 percent, and red when there is less than 20 percent. From a single charge, most people get around 2.5 recharges. The Nano may be purchased for under $35 online.

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SMOK Novo 2

The Novo 2 is a refinement on the original Novo, which was regarded to be one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. Its 800mAh battery is rather large for such a tiny device (88.3mm height). It’s only 43 grams, so you won’t even notice it in your pocket. The Novo 2 includes a 1.0-Ohm pod for e-juices and a 1.4-ohm pod for nicotine salts. Both pods can contain up to 2ml of liquid. With 40 distinct colors to select from, you’ll be able to locate one that you like.

With a diversity of colors, you will find a design that catches your eye.

The Novo 2 isn’t as sturdy as you would think because it is so light. The base is rounded, which means it won’t stand up on its own. These are minor issues, however, since the device is attractive. There’s a U-Shaped airflow, which implies there are two separate openings on each pod side. This style draws air in through the device’s sides. There is no way to change the airflow, but it performs effectively for mouth-to-lung vapers because there is an airflow hole on each side of the pod.

The Novo 2 provides a lengthy battery life of around two and a half days of regular vaping. When the LED light is green, it indicates that the device has at least 70% battery life. It turns orange/yellow in the 30-69% range, and red when it has less than 30% capacity. The pods take some time to break in, but once they do, you’ll be rewarded with exceptional taste. After several refills, you can expect consistently excellent flavor.

Final Thoughts

We believe that the vape pens included in our list will be useful for at least a few more years. They’re all small enough to fit into your pocket, and you can even conceal them in your hand if you need to. Portable and affordable, these devices are ideal for anyone who’s looking for a discreet way to enjoy their favorite vaping products.

While none of these vape pens produce massive vapor clouds, that is the whole point! We have to remind you that using cannabis in public is illegal, even if adult-use marijuana isn’t.

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