Russian Cream Backwoods Cigars Pack


The Russian Cream Backwoods cigar is the perfect selection for all connoisseurs of tobacco. Crafted with a Connecticut Broadleaf, Homogenized Tobacco Leaf wrapper and Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers – this blend offers a tapered body, unfinished head and frayed ends. Each stick measures 4 inches in length by 27 ring gauge to provide you with an unparalleled smoking experience. Enjoy the signature taste of Backwoods Russian Cream cigarettes and let their invigorating aroma sweep away all your worries in an instant. Feel a wave of tranquility rush through your body, freeing up negative or chaotic thoughts that have been clogging up your mind. Unwind with ease as you smoke this exquisite cigarette – its smooth flavor will leave you feeling relaxed and contented! Drift away into a mesmerizing realm of tranquility on the wings of this perfect balance between your mind and body. Experience the soothing relaxation that comes with letting go of all worry – it’s like melting into a plush, cloudlike state! Light up during your next break for an experience you’ll never forget.

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