Honey Berry Backwoods Cigars


Since its launch in 1981, Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars have been an instant hit. The distinguishing feature of these cigars is the unfinished heads and frayed foot that lends them a rustic aesthetic. Crafted with all-natural tobacco, each stick offers an intensely aromatic experience for smokers who wish to enjoy something really unique! Backwoods Cigars come in an airtight foil pouch that preserves their flavor and aroma while keeping a relatively high moisture level. With powerfully flavored fillers and a mild-bodied smoke, these cigars have become quite the macho accessory! Crafted out of 100% natural blend of mellow tobaccos and infused with sweet honey berry flavors, they are sold in boxes containing 40 pieces separated into 8 packages of 5 each.

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