Rolling Papers – King Size


Rolling Papers gas dank is the best way to “roll a joint.” Its thick paper makes it easy and convenient for smoking. It comes as singles, packs of 12, or in bulk cases.

Rolling papers, also known as blanks, joint paper or cigarette papers are must-haves for rolling marijuana. These thin sheets of hemp, rice straw wood pulp or flax absorb the moisture from your cannabis and make it a breeze to craft perfect joints by hand-rolling or machine-rolling. With these essential materials in tow you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing smoke any time! When crafting writing paper, wood is often the material of choice. Yet when it comes to rolling papers, these materials must burn slower and more evenly for an enjoyable smoking experience – thus non-wood fibers such as hemp, flax and rice straw have become the preferred option among smokers. Thanks to their slow burning time and even combustion rate, users will be graced with a pleasurable cigarette session every time!

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