Pre-Roll Cones – King Size


Cannabis smokers swear by pre-roll cones for a smoother burn compared to pre-rolled tubes. Without any scientific evidence as of yet, this could be due to their unique design that allows users an individualized experience. Pre-load cones are shaped like a funnel – with a broad end to fill and the narrow one used for inhalation. As the cone continues to burn, each hit reduces in size. Put differently, as one gets higher while smoking, their cannabinoid intake decreases. This can bring about a more balanced high since they won’t be inhaling hefty doses of THC towards the end of their session like when first starting out and sober. Moreover, the cone shape of a joint allows smokers to avoid taking massive hits as it gets smaller because there is less time for smoke to cool down before being inhaled. The curved bottom will result in small and comfortable puffs instead.

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