Nepal Temple Ball Hash


The roots of hashish stretch back centuries, to origins in Lebanon and Nepal where the cannabis crop was carefully dried and preserved until it could be harvested again. Nepalese Temple Balls Hashish is renowned for its thick viscosity, sweet yet tangy flavor, awe-inspiring coloring – but most importantly its capacity to offer a deep state of relaxation and dreamlike trance. However, this incredibly potent form of hash has become quite scarce — earning itself legendary status amongst those lucky enough to partake. Nepalese Temple Ball hash is an undeniable standout – its shining exterior, gooey texture and stickiness on the fingers are telltale signs of high-quality. After lighting up, you will immediately be able to sense it: this hash is something special! Although tactilely intense, the effects remain gentle with a slow build that won’t leave you caught off guard. This one-of-a-kind concentrate boasts purities as high as 80% without any solvents – making it true connoisseur grade material meant to be aged for extended periods so all essential oils can coalesce together in perfect balance.

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