Real Imported Red Lebanese Hash


Introducing the renowned Red Lebanese Hash that brings with it an exceptionally powerful and smooth body high. Not to mention, this product is velvety soft and simple to manipulate. Its spicy aromas are overwhelmingly strong and recognizable right away; however, though most hashes provide a euphoric physical sensation, Red Lebanese Hash emphasizes more on a cerebral experience. Red Lebanese Hash is not the strongest type of hash available, but it’s certainly one of the most unique and enjoyable! Perfect for daytime use – enjoy a smooth taste that will leave your senses tingling. Often labeled as “the best hash in the world,” Red Lebanese Hash will make you feel like you’re on vacation right at home. Experiencing a distinctive reddish cast, Red Lebanese hash acquires its hues from the natural process of drying and curing raw cannabis plants. Left to rest in the field until near-perfection, it draws its orange-reddish colour from both sun exposure and naturally formed pistils. To finish off this special strain, cultivators allow proper drying time as well as full curing before selling. Lebanese hash stands apart from the rest of the Middle East because they have perfected a special curing process. This process can last up to eight months and results in Red Lebanese Hash, an incredibly potent yet smooth product with many uses: topping joints, smoking alone, cooking with it or drinking it! Plus its malleable nature makes this hash particularly convenient for all types of activities.

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