Purple Kush – Indica BULK


Purple Kush is a pure indica strain, crafted with the highly adored Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani. High Times magazine declared this delightful bud to be one of the world’s top 10 most potent strains and has an average THC level of 22%. Upon using it, you’ll feel an ecstatic cerebral high that will take away your physical pain while simultaneously providing mental clarity. As you consume Purple Kush, a soothing numbing sensation begins in your head and flows throughout your body. You’ll feel both relaxed and sedated as the effects take hold. During the come down from this strain’s powerful marijuana high, you will be able to drift off into a long peaceful sleep without feeling any aches or pains. Therefore it is recommended that Purple Kush can help those struggling with conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, nerve damage and muscle spasms find relief through its potent properties. The captivating Purple Kush emits an earthy-sweet grape aroma and a flavorful hint of red wine. The bright neon green buds sprout with fiery orange hairs, just beneath its velvety purple undertones. Each nug is frosted in fine white trichomes and packed with sticky sweet resin for a truly unique experience.

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