Critical Kush – Indica BULK


Critical Kush, created by the renowned breeders at Barney’s Farm, is a robust hybrid that contains 90% indica and 10% sativa in its genetics. It has an average THC content of 14-20%, making it highly potent. Upon consumption, users experience a gradually building sensation of relaxation along with touches of euphoria radiating through their bodies – this mellow yet powerful high provides just enough energy to make the whole experience enjoyable! Critical Kush will bring you the relief of your pain while also making you feel elated and uplifted. As this high persists, it will lead to a state of deep introspection that gradually grows in intensity until finally lulling you into an undisturbed slumber. This powerful strain is recommended for treating a variety of conditions such as stress and depression, chronic or temporary physical pain, sleep disorders like insomnia and night terrors – all with no need to worry about feeling discomfort ever again!

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