Lemon Tart – Sativa


Lemon Tart is a hybrid strain with an impressive 65% sativa to 35% indica ratio. Bred from Wedding Cake and Super Lemon Haze, this celebrity child carries its namesake’s delicious taste; it has sweet-sour notes of lemons mingled in with subtle hints of nutty cookies on the exhale. Whether you’re looking for a slight sativa kick or just craving something sugary, Lemon Tart won’t disappoint! The scent of Lemon Tart is pleasingly sweet with a lemon overtone, accompanied by sour citrus and muted pine accents. The high from this strain will be just as invigorating; you’ll feel lifted and energized, ready to converse joyfully with those around you. Your senses sharpened, prepare for an inspiring experience that sparks creativity in your mind.

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