Kandy Kush – Sativa



Introducing Kandy Kush, otherwise known as “Candy Kush”! This hybrid strain is a harmonious combination of its parent strains: the renowned OG Kush and Trainwreck. Pumping out an average THC level of 15-21%, this celebrity child boasts powerful effects that can ensnare unsuspecting users with just one savory taste! So be sure to take caution when indulging in Kandy Kush’s deliciousness – it packs quite a punch after all. The delectable Kandy Kush has a tantalizing sweet and fruity flavor, accompanied by an equally alluring floral aroma. Its high creeps up on you with a gradual euphoric build that puts your mood into overdrive while soothing the body with its sedative nature – leaving you completely couch-locked without any intention of movement anytime soon!

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