Death Bubba – Indica


Death Bubba, otherwise known as ‘D Bubba’, is an alluring indica strain of marijuana developed by Matteo Suleyman from Sea to Sky Cannabis in Vancouver, BC. This distinct strain was formed when Death Star and Bubble Kush were crossed together; enhancing its fragrant aroma of grass and skunk with a sweet yet earthy taste that lingers on the tongue. If you have no important plans, make sure you take advantage of Death Bubba weed’s semi-sedating effects that will certainly cause couchlock. Medical marijuana patients are known to seek out this strain due to its ability to help relax the body and unknot those tense muscles from chronic pain or physical discomfort. Growers also love growing Death Bubba cannabis because it exhibits beautiful purple hues with a plethora of trichomes and terpenes present in each bud.

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