Bubba Crunch – Indica

If you fancy a smooth smoke that leaves you feeling soothed, then Bubba Crunch is the one for you! Hailing from the Hindu Kush mountains – although its full story remains largely unknown due to inadequate documentation – this 100% indica strain provides a calming body buzz that will have your limbs heavy in no time. It’s particularly well-liked by patients who need aid with insomnia, depression, tension and/or ADD/ADHD issues. When you experience the deep relaxation and euphoria of Bubba Crunch, all your worries will simply drift away. Though it is not an ideal strain for daytime use unless you plan to take a nap; upon smoking, you’ll be greeted with floral aromas and earthy flavors that are as sweet as bubblegum itself! Boasting vivid green and purple buds coated in amber hairs along with its abundance of trichomes makes this sticky-icky strain one to remember.

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