Black Jack Kush – Hybrid


Boasting elevated THC levels up to 24%, Black Jack Kush is the go-to choice for medical marijuana patients struggling with stress and chronic pain. This indica-dominant hybrid was created from crossing two legendary strains: Black Domina and Jack Herer. There exists a second iteration of this strain, formed through combining Black Domina with Jock Horror, an indigenous European variety. With its blissful mix of sativa (30%) and indica (70%), it’s no surprise that this renowned flower continues to captivate cannabis users everywhere! The strain following the original Black Jack Kush is called Blackjack, and despite its similarities, its CBD levels are far lower than that of other strains. It’s not recommended for seizure disorder treatment; however it has been proven to be beneficial in treating anxiety, depression, mood disorders as well as nausea and appetite loss. Moreover, due to its strong indica genes this strain provokes a euphoric body high with intense relaxation which can also stimulate creativity – all great reasons why insomnia sufferers may find relief from using this unique breed of cannabis!

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