Moon Rock Joints 1g


MoonRocks are an incomparable marijuana product. These potent nugs of flower have been dipped in extracts and sprinkled with kief, making them a tantalizing cannabis concentrate that packs more than 50% THC content! Earning the name ‘cannabis caviar’, MoonRocks offer an unparalleled experience unlike anything else on the market; true moon rocks include special layers of kief to enhance their potency and uniqueness. If you’re looking for something to give your cannabis experience an extra kick, look no further than moon rocks- the perfect combination of BHO oil, kief and premium buds. Not only are they great for medical patients needing a higher THC content in their products but can be enjoyed by those simply seeking a more powerful experience. The potency of these moon rocks will depend on how it was made; some manufacturers have unique ingredients or techniques that set them apart from others. On average, they contain an extremely high amount of THC content (50 percent) – surpassing the typical dispensary strains by a long shot with their usual range of 17-28 percent THC levels.

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