LD Disposable Pens


Enjoy THC in a way you’ve never experienced before with London Donovan’s prize-winning disposable pens featuring the BBTANK B1201. 3rd Generation BBGear ceramic coil technology ensures your draw is smooth and flavorful from beginning to end. Every pen contains 0.3g of potent distillate which tests over 92% Delta9 THC, allowing you to use it without giving up on flavor because designer strain specific terpenes have been added! Brace yourself for an immense hit like no other cannabis experience has given you yet! London Donovan Disposable Vape Pens are designed to give consumers a reliable, high-quality experience that is both convenient and easy. To activate the battery, simply inhale slowly and consistently from the top of the pen. When you’re using it, you’ll be able to tell because it will glow red! Shop for one at our online store today for an enjoyable vaping session every time.

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