Indica Bubbies 1000mg Gummy Pucks


Indica Bubbies Gummy Pucks are one of the best THC gummies on the market.

Weed gummies, hands down, the best edibles out there. They’re colorful and full of flavor, they don’t leave a mess behind, and they’re always available. More importantly, they never kill the vibe.

Indica Bubbies 1000mg Gummy Pucks made with 100% RAW THC Distillate. The Puck is 1000mg, 100mg/piece 10 per package.

Indica Gummies contain only 10 mg a pop at the max, which makes it super simple to pace yourself, and just as easy to not. If you want a slight lift try Indica Bubbies Gummy.

Note: Recommended dosage is less than 1 piece per serving.

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