Bliss Bar – Shampoo


If you are looking for cannabis shampoo, Bliss Bar Shampoo is a great option. This company offers CBD by Body Bliss which has all the benefits without the psychoactive effects.
Body Bliss CBD Shampoo contains hemp seed oil to your hair a natural shine and make it smell fresh. It also helps remove product build up from styling products like gel, hairspray, mousse or wax that can leave your hair feeling heavy or brittle!

A cannabis shampoo is a type of hair product that contains CBD oil. It can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. Body Bliss Shampoo Bar is made with cannabis, hemp seed oil, coconut milk, jojoba oil and other natural ingredients to create a luxurious product that will leave your hair feeling clean and refreshed. We also offer CBD by Body Bliss which has been infused into our products to provide you with the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive side effects!

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