California Orange

California Orange, Cali Orange or Cali OJ, is a hybrid strain known to date back to the early 1980s. While the origins are hazy due to its long history, California Orange has solidified itself as a classic with its intense fruity, orange aroma and bright orange pistils or hairs.
THC levels for this locally grown Cali OJ averages between 15% to 23%. As a 50/50 hybrid, this strain is extremely potent and is associated with a strong heady high. The high of this strain induces users into a focused and clear headed high. Happiness and a deep sense of relaxation are also associated with California Orange, making it very effective for the treatment of depression and for alleviation of stress.
California Orange tends to produce very dense, large flowers. Thisstrainhas quite an exotic look to it due to the meshing of the lush green buds and the fluorescent orange hairs. It is covered in a fair amount of sticky white trichomes.
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