Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Alien OG 04 - Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Pink Kush is a pure indica souche. It’s an effective body relaxant that can help you unwind both your brain and body. It contains some of the most powerful sedative effects known to mankind, making it ideal for anxiety reduction and the removal of worries. Looking to try something new? Check out this Heat Wave.

If you’ve been searching for a strain to help you relax and unwind, Pink Kush is the one. Despite its obscurity, some breeders feel it has OG Kush in its blood. The buzz of White Kush is more comparable to OG Kush than GSC, with effects that linger for hours and pleasant and calm characteristics. It also offers a bright, uplifting high with a relaxing let-down effect after the high has worn off.

What Is the Pink Kush Strain?

Pink Kush is the most widely cultivated variety. It’s an indica-dominant strain. According to experts, its indica dominance can reach 90%. Its indica character is revealed at a THC concentration of 10 percent. Despite having only ten leaves, its sativa foundations improve the uplifting, pleasant, and euphoric effects.

Many people enjoy the taste of this fruit. They also appreciate the plant’s flexibility. Customers like the strain’s versatility. Some individuals think that its ability to calm frayed nerves and put them to sleep is advantageous.

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It’s been used to cure back pain, headaches, and a variety of other ailments. These ideas are in keeping with Pink Kush’s indica profile. It has components that make it an excellent source for people seeking to relax and unwind.

Consumers adore the strain’s pleasant and invigorating aspect. It’s also known as Pink Cadillac, Pink OG, Pink OG Kush, and Pink Candyberry (Strain Name).

Cannabis is frequently reported to help with stress and anxiety. It’s said to help reduce tension, especially when you have a lot of racing thoughts. As a result, you may be more calm and peaceful all the time. Many people claim that their worries keep them up at night, therefore lending further weight to the notion.

Pink Kush, according to certain, is an exquisite Indica with a socializing emphasis. It has a powerful physical effect and a sedative quality, although many people enjoy its sociability. It helps to promote calm discussion, stress alleviation, anxiety reduction, and mental tension relief.

The effects of this strain are most apparent in the late afternoon or evening. It might make you drowsy as well as lazy. It can also cause hunger, so stock up on snacks for post-dinner munchies.


The scent of Pink Kush is unique. It has a pungent, eye-catching aroma that isn’t unpleasant. Rather, many individuals like the fact that it includes some sweet undertones as well as various other fascinating components. It has notes of vanilla in it, with undertones of wood and dirt.

It has a few additional light scents, such as pine and flowers. It features a hint of sour with a little spice. The smoke is said to be strong yet not harsh or overbearing. Some users have noted that the scent is fruity and even minty.


Pink Kush has a strong aroma, but it also has a unique flavor that surprises even more. The rich and robust tastes of this strain have earned it a lot of popularity. It isn’t a strain that comes on too lightly in terms of taste, and it’s an excellent choice for connoisseurs with sophisticated palates. There are smells of sweetened vanilla candy on the inhale, followed by a floral scent.

The scent begins sweet and candy-like, with a floral scent.

The menthol and pine notes are blended in a smooth way, with the tart citrus note melded cleanly with the crisp, fresh menthol and pine notes. There are traces of berries and other ripe summer fruits detected in the mix. Earthy wood scents and dank dirt aromas come through strongly.

The tastes are somewhat spicy. While some people may dislike the burst of spice, it adds a powerful presence to the meal.


Most individuals find Kush visually appealing. It has a wide selection of colors, including vivid pinks, yellows, and greens. According to those who grow it, it produces a thick layer of sticky resin and has a frosty look.

The leaves are a deep, resonant green. The leaves themselves account for the most of the deep, resonate green in the leaves, whilst the pistils are painted in vivid yellows and spots of pink. Orange flecks and big splashes of purple and tan may also be seen. The nuggets are tiny and compact.

Alien OG 02 - Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Pink Kush Strain Grow Info

The White Kush strain seeds are tenacious and resistant to a variety of aggressors. Mold, mildew, and rodents are the most common irritants. Home gardeners, on the other hand, should be cautious since if temperatures and humidity levels aren’t maintained properly, light molding may develop in the plant.

Blueberry Kush, like Blueberry and Skunk, is a mix of indica and sativa strains. It’s mostly found in dry, warm places. Some growers may assist this plant by growing it short throughout the early phases of development, preventing drooping. This strain can be grown both indoors and out. Indoor plants yield approximately 18 ounces each harvest in an enclosed environment. Every year, outdoor production can reach up to 25 ounces per plant (per year).

Kush Queen is a pleasant and soothing high that’s great for treating insomnia, chronic pain, and other ailments. It flowers in eight to nine weeks depending on the weather in October through November. This plant may be grown easily; however, it can face several challenges if it does not get adequate nutrients. The soil must have enough nutrients, and the water’s pH should not exceed 6.5. Individuals seeking for a fast result

The plant reaches maturity in approximately 10-11 weeks. It generally takes around 10-11 weeks for it to mature in most cases. Some farmers state that, under particular circumstances, the plant may develop considerably faster, taking only nine weeks to reach maturity. Nonetheless, greater benefits include a harvest period of ten to eleven weeks for more powerful effects.

Hydroponic technology is also employed by farmers. This will aid in the speed of growth and minimize the risk of mold formation. Those who want to cultivate this strain should consider low-stress training and pruning. Although this plant is little, it has robust leafy branches that may be trained in a low-stress manner. Air circulation and sunshine are required for optimum development.

THC Content – Highest Test

Bubba Kush’s THC concentration is around 22 percent.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The best CBD products have less than 1% THC.

Medical Benefits of the Pink Kush Strain

Users of the Pink Kush strain claim that it has the ability to relax, soothe, and calm them down. Because of its stress-relieving qualities, it’s been a hit in marijuana subcultures. This strain is considered to be good for reducing tension. Many people like that Pink Kush reduces pain throughout their body. Users have claimed that Pink Kush aids with the upkeep of their migraines or back problems on a daily basis.

It can also help with anxiety, panic disorders, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Its soothing qualities are effective in the symptoms of additional illnesses including PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks. Insomniacs appreciate its ability to produce calm and relaxing thoughts as well as drowsiness. Sleep hygiene and more sleep may aid in the management of a variety of sleep problems.

Music is an excellent way to unwind, especially for those with social anxiety or ADHD/ADD and others who want to relax.

Possible Side Effects of the Pink Kush Strain

Negative side effects are possible with Indica strains, such as dizziness, dry eyes, and nausea. Other adverse effects include moderate paranoia and a dry mouth.

Final Thoughts on the Pink Kush Strain

Pink Kush is a strong strain that can help you relax and reflect on the day’s happenings. Pink Kush is also utilized by individuals who have sleep problems or insomnia. It soothes and relaxes people, with a stimulating body buzz that aids in the treatment of pain and aches.

The origins of this strain are somewhat murky, but it is claimed to be linked to OG Kush. It’s a sedative type of marijuana with some euphoric effects if that’s the case. If cultivated well, it’s hardy, but growers should exercise caution.

Cheese’s origins are difficult to determine, but some experts believe it has genetic links to OG Kush.

Too much humidity, according to some gardeners, might result in light molding on the plant or in the finished product. Pink Kush is happiest when kept at a warm and dry environment. There are several different ways to grow it. Tending entails pruning, LSTs, and hydroponics.

For growers of this strain, patience will be a must. It might take the plant up to 10-11 weeks to mature. Some cultivators claim that they can cultivate the plant faster. However, in order to get the most out of it, cultivators should wait until later.

Pink Kush is a tall plant that develops short and thick. Because of the thickness of Pink Kush’s branches, trimming should happen on a regular basis, but it does grow thin and robust. Air and light circulation encourage growth. According to reports, indoor yield ranges from 18 oz per square meter to as much as 25 oz per square meter. Despite its extended vegetative period, this high yield makes Pink Kush an excellent choice for growers.

Pink Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with just a hint of indica heritage. It has a THC concentration of 22 percent. The fruity, delicious tastes of this marijuana plant include sweet fruit, sweets, pine, vanilla, and earthy tones.

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