Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Review

outlaw haze cannabis strain review 3 - Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Review

The name of the Outlaw Haze souche is a bit deceiving. While many consumers may picture a head and body numbing high, this is inaccurate. The Outlaw Haze strain creates energizing and uplifting effects that are ideal for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or an evening out with friends. It also has unique tastes, including pungent lemony pine. Try SUPER SILVER HAZE to relax.

The term “Outlaw Haze” appears on menus in coffee shops and cannabis merchants’ online stores frequently. The phrase “Outlaw Haze” appears all over a website, which is unusual. It’s common to find at least a few strains with the word “Outlaw Haze” included in their name as a hint regarding their parentage.

Outlaw Haze has emerged as one of the most popular breeding strains, and as a result, numerous various strains claim some link to the original 1960s Outlaw Haze strain; and most of them do so in their name.

What is not so common to find in most shops, however, is the strain that started it all: Outlaw Haze. There isn’t much information about Outlaw Haze and why it’s become a favorite among breeders across the world.

Let’s look at Outlaw Haze in further depth to discover why it is so popular among breeders.

What is the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain?

The Outlaw Haze cannabis strain is thought to have come from four different sativa strains bred together in the 1960s in Santa Cruz: South American, Thai, Mexican, and South Indian. The result is a strong sativa strain known for its energetic and creative high. Outlaw Haze has been used for breeding since then, resulting in a family of Outlaw Haze strains. It has had a significant impact on the cannabis industry as a whole.

outlaw haze cannabis strain review 2 - Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Outlaw Haze is a sativa variety that produces a mental high rather than a physical one. Because there are no physical effects, it’s great for when you still need to feel completely in command of your body but can’t afford to spend several hours asleep-locked to your sofa unable to make the most of Outlaw Haze’s mental high.

Outlaw Haze is frequently used to assist you get through a long day at work or tackle difficult responsibilities. Outlaw Haze, which provides an energetic and upbeat high, is also popular among friends in social situations, making for a chilled out and comfortable time.

Outlaw Haze is well-known for its strength, with just a few puffs enough to send you soaring. Many people underestimate how much Outlaw Haze they’ll require when smoking it for the first time, finding that their first encounter with Outlaw Haze was considerably stronger than they expected. Sometimes only one lengthy puff of Outlaw Haze is sufficient to provide hours of hazy delight to new consumers.

The initial effects of Outlaw Haze might feel like your brain is working at 100 miles per hour. Everything appears to be racing by you, and you feel the need to do so as well in order to keep up.

The addition of this particular strain to your garden may help you cultivate a more productive, inspired and peaceful life when used as directed. It might also improve your chances for success with cannabis cultivation, reduce anxiety or depression, boost creativity and motivation, and enhance mood by making everything around you feel possible. This early phase of the high is often utilized to get tasks done or push oneself at the gym, making the most of this sudden burst of energy.

It’s been dubbed an “uninhibited conversation starter”. The effect is that it helps you feel more confident around others, and your social interactions improve. It’s a lot easier to talk with people than usual, and discussions seem to flow naturally.

The high produced by Outlaw Haze fades slowly, leaving you energized and ready to go for hours at a time. However, when the high begins to wear off,

After Outlaw Haze has left your system, you may feel exhausted and de-motivated. As Outlaw Haze begins to leave your body, you will notice a significant drop in energy levels, which is perfectly understandable given the mental race it creates. It’s no surprise that when such sentiments spread throughout your body, it makes you aware of how tired you are and forces you to nod off.


Outlaw Haze is well-known for its pungent, toasting marshmallow aroma. The fragrant flavor of Outlaw Haze is revealed as you crush the buds, with a fresh yet powerful taste.

When Outlaw Haze is burned, a variety of spices are combined with a very recognizable cannabis scent to generate a cloud of pleasurable smoke. You begin to detect a somewhat sweet citrus fragrance as you exhale, something you wouldn’t anticipate from such a hot strain.

Outlaw Haze is a powerful cannabis hybrid strain with an excellent flavor that is popular among experienced smokers. Outlaw Haze has the distinction of being one of the few varieties that can be used in bongs and joint-cleaning devices. It has a pleasant, smooth taste and even novice users will appreciate it since it’s easy to take in. Because Outlaw Haze lingers in the air for some time after smoking, it’s worth considering when smoking indoors.

What does the Outlaw Haze taste like, in terms of its fruity-spicy aroma?


The smooth, sweet flavor of Outlaw Haze makes it a pleasure to consume; even non-experts can take deep breaths as the smoke goes down into their lungs and fills their senses with a warm blend of spicy sweetness.

As you take your first puff of Outlaw Haze, a torrent of spicy citrus floods your taste buds, bringing back fond memories of Christmas afternoons spent around the tree with a fire in the corner.

As the smoke permeates your body, you may notice that the various tastes seem to be dancing in your mouth, vying for your attention. A faint earthy taste hovers in the background as the much more powerful citrus aromas and spices battle it out.

As you release, the distinct tastes blend together to form a pleasant yet refreshing sensation in your mouth.


The flowers on this plant are bright green and covered with thin orange pistils. The fluffy appearance of the plant is due to the orange pistils, which give it a fuzzy look and create the impression that there is an layer of orange hairs covering each bud.

Outlaw Haze plant leaves appear to be from a fake plastic tree rather than a genuine cannabis plant, owing to their deep green coloration and lack of texture; this is because the leaves are smooth, giving them an imitation appearance. The lack of texture on the leaves enhances their false impression, but when you look at a Outlaw Haze leaf closely, you’ll see thin green veins running through it.

The leaves of this strain hang down, with random outcroppings adding volume to what would otherwise be a really thin plant. It’s the plants’ height and thin build that set it apart when planted near other strains.

outlaw haze cannabis strain review 4 - Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Although Outlaw Haze has a reputation for taking up to 14 weeks to mature indoors before being ready for harvest, it has not prevented the strain from becoming one of the most popular in the business.

Outlaw Haze, owing to its longer than average growth time, is not the finest choice for first-time growers seeking a quick return on their efforts. Only those who are prepared to put in some additional effort and wait for a large reward at the end should consider growing their own Outlaw Haze plants at home.

Outlaw Haze plants may be grown outside in a warm climate with an environment that resembles Santa Cruz and the surrounding region where the strain originated. Outlaw Haze plants can also be cultivated indoors, where you have considerably more control over the temperature, if you live in colder areas.

Molds that can harm and stunt the development of cannabis plants are not uncommon, with many strains being resistant to most of them. As with any plant, it’s a good idea to examine your plant’s leaves on a regular basis.

Outlaw Haze may be a difficult plant to grow, especially for novices. Growing your own Outlaw Haze plants is definitely a labor of love, but it’s well worth the time and effort in the end.

THC Content – Highest Test

Outlaw Haze has a THC content of 21 percent, which makes it on the higher side for a sativa variety. Its greater than usual THC concentration is responsible for the strong mental high that takes hold after just a few puffs of Outlaw Haze. Outlaw Haze should be used with caution by novice smokers and those who have low THC tolerance, ideally only puffing at intervals.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Outlaw Haze contains less than 0.2% CBD, according to most reports. It is thought that the strain contains little more than trace amounts of CBD. Given that it is a high-THC strain with a relatively low CBD content, finding a strain with both a high THC and CBD content is extremely rare.

Although Outlaw Haze does not have a great deal of CBD, it nevertheless has several health advantages that make it an appealing option for medicinal purposes. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should try Outlaw Haze to improve your health.

Medical Benefits of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

For individuals with attention deficit problems, Outlaw Haze is suggested since the burst of energy and a greater sense of focus make it perfect for finishing tasks without being sidetracked. Because to the same reasoning, Outlaw Haze can also be utilized to treat tension as well as sadness, allowing even the most daunting goals to appear feasible.

Outlaw Haze has a robust yet uplifting tone that allows those who are severely depressed to complete everyday chores and routines in a way that they would not believe was possible.

The effects of sleep deprivation can be exacerbated by physical and mental tiredness. It’s a quick burst of energy, so it’s often used to treat tiredness. A few puffs first thing in the morning helps you get through difficult days rather than rubbing them away.

Outlaw Haze is also fantastic for increasing your hunger, making it ideal for individuals who are trying to counteract the effects of appetite-reducing medications. The energizing qualities of Outlaw Haze are also ideal when dealing with serious illnesses.

As the high wears off, Outlaw Haze is sometimes used to help people fall asleep as a result of the drowsy, sleepy feeling that takes hold of their body. This does, however, require some forethought since the initial effects of Outlaw Haze include a surge of energy that makes it more difficult to go asleep.

Taking Outlaw Haze a few hours before bed, on the other hand, can help some people get the most out of their strain’s lively high and sleep-inducing effects, allowing them to cross off several tasks from their to-do list before bed.

Possible Side Effects of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Smoking Outlaw Haze can cause dehydration and result in a dry mouth and, in some circumstances, dried eyes. It’s a good idea to keep a glass of water on hand while smoking Outlaw Haze to help you stay hydrated and avoid any unpleasant consequences. Dry eyes and a dry mouth should not last more than a few hours and will not have any long-term health implications.

Some people report having a feeling of paranoia and increased anxiety after smoking Outlaw Haze in higher doses. This may be partly due to the strain’s greater THC concentration, as well as the larger amount. It is advised that individuals with anxiety or paranoia avoid using large amounts of Outlaw Haze at first since this could cause their bodies to adjust.

Outlaw Haze can induce dizziness in rare cases, producing everything around you to appear warped, similar to walking through a maze of magic mirrors at a carnival; this might be due to the mental race that is typical when smoking Outlaw Haze.

Final Thoughts on the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Outlaw Haze is a popular choice among breeders for a reason; its unique sativa effects make it perfect for mixing with indicas to create a well-balanced hybrid. Outlaw Haze has all of the benefits of a classic sativa high, including a rush of energy and motivation, making it excellent for accomplishing tasks and creative projects.

Outlaw Haze is more than just a beneficial strain for productivity; it’s also a great social strain that can help you unwind and have fun. Outlaw Haze may be enjoyed on a lazy afternoon when you want to lose yourself in the strain’s powerful psychoactive effects and see where your thoughts wander.

Outlaw Haze has become increasingly popular among medicinal users in recent years, owing to its wide-ranging health advantages and powerful high. For fans of the Outlaw Haze family of strains, Outlaw Haze is a must-try strain, providing the opportunity to experience the effects of Outlaw Haze in their truest form.

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