Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed: Which Is Better?

indoor vs outdoor weed 01 - Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed: Which Is Better?

Choose whether to cultivate indoors or outdoors. Is it true that indoor plants are more powerful? Will you get higher yields from the outside? These are frequently asked issues with thorny answers. But we’re here to assist you. Continue reading to see if growing inside or outside is superior for you.

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If you’re searching for a clear-cut solution to this problem, you’ve come to the wrong spot. Finally, as a smoker or a grower, you must ask yourself what you want from cannabis since only then will you be able to determine if indoor or outdoor grown marijuana is appropriate for you. Furthermore, the major distinctions between the two will be determined by who is growing the crop; where it is cultivated will be of lesser importance.

What’s the Difference Between an Indoor and Outdoor Grow Setup?

indoor vs outdoor weed 04 - Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed: Which Is Better?

What is the distinction between indoor and outdoor cannabis production? You don’t need a space age setup to produce marijuana indoors, and you don’t have to let it go outdoors. For many people, a greenhouse may be the ideal compromise between both.

What Is Indoor Cannabis Growing?

Cannabis can be cultivated indoors in a variety of ways. Indoor cannabis grows may range from extremely high-tech hydroponics to a pathetic little seed crammed in a cupboard. However, indoor grows usually have more constant conditions, less pest and disease exposure, and the grower has significantly greater control over the plants’ life cycle. Cannabis may be produced all year indoors using artificial light, whereas outside you are limited by the seasons.

What Is Outdoor Cannabis Growing?

Similarly, producing cannabis outside is not simply a question of throwing seeds on the ground and leaving it to take its course. Although it may be. The elements and calamity imply outdoor grown cannabis will endure considerably longer throughout its existence. Sun-grown cannabis is more frequently poisoned by pesticides than indoor marijuana, so don’t assume that just because it’s cultivated outdoors that it’s natural. However, exposure to sunshine and the seasons has advantages.

What About Greenhouse Growing?

In a greenhouse, you’re growing in the same way as on an actual farm. While nature provides light and day/night cycles, the grower has greater control over the surroundings. Temperatures, humidity, and pests are simpler to manage in a greenhouse than outdoors. Greenhouses provide more temperature and humidity control than indoors for those without a serious setup.

Does It Matter if You Grow From a Seed or Clone?

Indoor plants are thought to be clones, whereas outdoor ones are assumed to be from seeds. In fact, especially given the growers’ access to any number of perfectly bred seeds, this is incorrect.

The idea that indoor plants are genetically superior stems from a misunderstanding of how cuttings are produced. Although this is occasionally the case, it is seldom the case. Furthermore, there’s no indication that seeds will not have the same genetics; or, if they’ve mutated, whether they’ll be better or worse than the parent plant.

Indoor vs Outdoor Weed Growning: How Do They Compare?

But, enough with the scientific lingo. What are the distinctions between indoor and outdoor marijuana in terms of look, potency, and flavor?

indoor vs outdoor weed 02 - Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed: Which Is Better?


The average potency of indoor and outdoor cannabis is one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating both types. Indoor grows are typically more potent since they are in a controlled environment. The potential for greater trichome density on indoor grown buds leads to higher THC crystal concentration, which is generally desirable.

However, things aren’t as simple in practice. Sunna Ra Acres has been growing plants from the same clones both inside and outside for many years now, and the outcomes turn preconceptions on their head. They’ve discovered that whereas cannabis cultivated outdoors contains a greater proportion of all cannabinoids and terpenes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s higher in quality. Given ideal weather and soil conditions, herbe plants should thrive to their full potential outside.

However, there is a catch: ideal circumstances. The majority of us would anticipate that growing in an indoor environment would provide improved results than one outdoors. Results will differ considerably depending on where you’re growing, for example, the chilly reaches of Scotland or the scorching California desert..


The most important plant component is terpene content, which accounts for the majority of how a souche tastes. Indoor flavors are usually more powerful than those found outdoors. However, it’s worth noting that the strain itself is by far the most significant element when it comes to taste. The condition in which a cannabis plant grows cannot alter its terpene profile from earthy to fruity, for example.


According to one source, outdoor cannabis is known to provide a more calm, “natural” high than artificial indoor marijuana. This is somewhat true. However, it isn’t always so. In the end, the methods used by farmers to grow their plants are identical regardless of location. It’s how they’re grown that determines whether certain characteristics are actualised. The increased trichome density of indoor cannabis, as previously said, may cause it to seem stronger.


Cannabis cultivated without the use of artificial light is likely to lose some of its color, in comparison to marijuana grown indoors. The same may be said about how packaging fades in the sun or how leaves crispen up during late summer. The sun dries things out, and outdoor growers have no control over air humidity or the amount of sunlight. In any case, while color might indicate the quality of cannabis overall, it should not be regarded as a sign of anything more than what it is.


Outside, buds are often much larger. Furthermore, plants themselves are significantly larger and result in ten times the yield of a similar plant cultivated indoors. One of the major benefits of sun-grown cannabis is its higher yields. Outdoor marijuana, on the other hand, has certain drawbacks. The bigger buds do not necessarily imply greater trichome concentration. As a result, when smoked, outdoor weed may appear to be less powerful than indoor weed and appear somewhat duller.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Weed: Which Is of Higher Quality?

So, using the data provided above, how do you come to a decision? In general, most people will discover that indoor gardening is a more secure option. Indoor growth may be accomplished with simple equipment, resulting in a much more stable environment for your plants to flourish. Because of superb humidity and disease resistance, indoor development is the safest alternative.

However, if the outside environment is ideal and rich, you will be able to get the most from your cannabis plants in a way you can’t indoors. So, while outdoors has more risk, it also offers greater reward. However, for some people, being unable to produce outdoors is simply not an option. Expect enormous harvests compared to what you’d see indoors , however

There’s More to Growing Weed Than Just “Indoors vs Outdoors”

In the end, it’s all about the grower. Whether cultivated indoors or outside, a well-grown cannabis plant will be exquisite, while a badly grown one will be a dud.

Additionally, cannabis strains are suited to specific settings. So, once you’ve chosen a strain, take care of it and it will flourish. A plant with enough light, nutrients, ventilation, and love will grow well. They will suffer if they don’t have them.

So, in reality, the greatest plant is one that has been cultivated in optimum circumstances. Whether you’re growing them outside or inside is irrelevant. Simply choose the one that is best for your needs.

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