Hybrid Strains Guide

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When you’re just getting started with cannabis, it may come as a surprise how different all the various strains are. The effects of each souche vary significantly depending on the type. After taking one strain, some individuals will feel inspired and energetic, but drowsy and calm after taking another. Hybrids are an excellent place to start your cannabis experience since their effects are usually well-balanced.

What Are Hybrid Strains?

Hybride strains are a mix of indica and Sativa types. The three primary categories used by users to refer to cannabis are indica, sativa, and hybrid. Those labels aren’t precise enough to describe the effects of a certain strain because they don’t take into account specific terpenes or cannabinoid potency. They’re still a useful general guideline for classifying cannabis, however.

In order to comprehend what a hybrid is, it’s pivotal to understand the distinctions between Indicas and Sativas. Indica strains are commonly linked with a tranquilizing, relaxing effect, which some refer to as a body high. It’s not uncommon for people to report that stress, pain, and anxiety melt away with Indica strains– making them ideal for nighttime sessions. Many indica fans like indulging in one of these strains before they go to bed. Meanwhile, sativa strains are more often than not considered perfect for daytime use. Sativas are known to have a cerebral euphoric head high. The cerebral feelings produced by smoking a Sativa are frequently referred to as a head high. Sativa strains may make people giggling uncontrollably, producing more creative ideas, and feeling more immersed in deep conversations, according on reports. Hybrid strains are any of those in-between plants that are between a pure indica and a pure Sativa. Most strains are hybrids, so they will provide a combination of indica and Sativa effects. Some people believe that hybrids offer the best of both worlds because they create a balanced effect on both the mental and physical realms. They’re an excellent choice for persons who dislike the intensity experienced by either pure Indicas or pure Sativas.

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Are All Hybrid Cannabis Strains the Same?

Cannabis has many unique characteristics, and no two strains are exactly the same. With hybrids, this is especially true. Hybrid strains span the whole gamut of indica and Sativa, making them extremely different and yet still fitting into this catch-all category. Some hybrid strains are strongly indica-dominant, while others are Sativa-dominant. In those situations, the strain will have an impact on individuals almost identical to that of an indica or a Sativa (but perhaps to a lesser extent). Other hybrid strains are well-balanced and provide a balanced combination of indica and Sativa effects.

Benefits of Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Even if people are consuming the same strain, cannabis can affect them differently. This is due to factors such as our unique body chemistry and even mentality, so everyone will have to play around with different strains until they discover which one works best for them. Hybrids are fantastic for novices because they let individuals see how various strains alter their moods, allowing them to fine-tune their intake later on.

How Is It Different From Indica or Sativa?

Even though we have been using indica, sativa, and hybrid classifications to define marijuana for a long time, it is actually incorrect. This is because on a molecular level, indica and sativa are both part of the Cannabis sativa L. species. Therefore, any effects cannot be solely attributed to indica or sativa––rather they occur due to the entourage effect that happens with all strains of marijuana when consumed by humans. The entourage effect theorizes that cannabinoids (not just THC), terpenes , and flavonoids work together cohesively to create different reactions in each person who smokes it.

In other words, hybrid marijuana is not too dissimilar from indica or sativa.Hybrid strains are a mixture of the two different types and can have various effects depending on the person consuming it.

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 What Are the Popular Hybrid Strains?

Out of all the hybrid cannabis strains available at dispensaries, these are our top five favorites:

  • Cannatonic: The main attraction of Cannatonic is its higher-than-average CBD content in comparison to THC—12% CBD and 7% THC. With an earthy smell but citrus flavor, this medicinal marijuana strain has become increasingly popular for those seeking the benefits of cannabis without the high.
  •  White Widow: Since the 1990s, this well-balanced hybrid has been a success in Dutch coffee shops. It is still popular among customers and producers today. It aided in the creation of other well-known hybrid strains such as White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow.
  •  Wedding Cake aka Triangle Mints #23: This indica-dominant hybrid is a perfect example of how scrumptious an cannabis plant can be. It is rich in limonene terpenes, resulting in its sweet and tangy flavor profile that has won it awards, including the Leafly Strain of the Year distinction in 2019. Important to remember: This flower contains high levels of THC at approximately 25%, so make sure you know your dose before consuming.
  •  Runtz aka Runtz OG: The Cross Zkittlez and Melted Gelato strain is a hybrid that combines the best of both worlds: it’s fruity and sweet like Wedding Cake, but with even more resin. The buds are absolutely covered in trichomes, and the flower itself comes in multiple shades ranging from purple to lime green.
  •  Pineapple Express: A sativa-dominant strain, this hybrid was created by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. In 2008, it became famous when a movie by the same name was released. With pineapple undertones, Pineapple Express tastes citrusy sweet.


Every strain has its own set of rules, and while some can be found just about anywhere, others are more difficult to come by. Because each strain is unique, the availability of one varies depending on a number of factors. Don’t be scared to visit your local marijuana dispensary and inquire about a couple of different hybrid marijuana strains on the list; the specialists there can help you find several other varieties to try.

How Do You Ingest Hybrids?

You can use cannabis hybrid strains in the same ways as any other type of marijuana. You can vape, smoke, eat or drink your hybrids. Because hybrids include both sativa and indica genetics, it’s easier to find a variety that offers the desired experience. These products include things like marijuana drinks and premium cannabis flower buds. The most important thing is to decide how you want to consume herbe first, then choose your preferred product from there. If you need help deciding or have questions along the way, we are here to assist you however possible!

Is Hybrid Cannabis Right for Me?

The answer to this question lies within you. Using cannabis is a personal experience, and while researching strains online will show you how others felt after consuming them, only you can know how the chemicals in the strain will affect you. This is why we recommend going to your local dispensary and speaking with a cannabis expert. They can help find more affordable options that let try different strains before fully committing to one.

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