How to Smoke Hash

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If you come across some hash, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ll go through what hashish (hash) is and how to smoke it in a variety of ways, as well as the best (healthiest) way to ingest it. Hash is considered to be the most powerful and concentrated form of cannabis. This is because hash has extremely high amounts of THC, which are usually far greater than those found in marijuana; nevertheless, THC levels have been rising in marijuana recently. Let’s look at why by looking more into hash.

What is Hash?

Hacher, which is also known as hashish, is a cannabis concentrate. Trichomes (resinous glands that cover the surface of cannabis plants) are removed and refined into a concentrated form to create it. They’re typically compressed or rubbed together to make slan, brick, or rolled pieces.

Hash / hashish comes in a variety of forms and colors, typically chocolate brown, dark green, but it can also be greenish khaki or sandy brown. Hash is a solvent-free extract. This is because trichome removal is accomplished using physical handling and temperature changes instead of chemicals or solvents.

Because Hash has been available for thousands of years all over the world, it has been utilized and smoked in a variety of ways.

How to Smoke Hash

There are several distinct ways to smoke hash, as previously stated. We’ll go through each way and give you a quick rundown so that you may try them out too if you like. Some techniques need additional equipment or tools, but there are a few that only require what you have at home, so please keep reading to learn more about them.

Method 1: How to Smoke Hash in a Joint / Spliff / Blunt

This is one of the most popular ways to use hash. Unfortunately, this technique does not allow you to utilize hash alone, but it is simple to do. Assume you’re making a normal joint; simply reduce the amount of flower by a little bit.

Start the process by laying your paper out correctly and, if you’ve put the tip in first, getting that ready. Next, use flower instead of tobacco to make a thin layer of flower on top of your light layer. Sprinkle hash crumbles or roll the hash into long thin snake-like shapes into the center of your paper and wrap it up with another layer of flower. Voila! You’re ready to smoke now that you’ve completed this step.

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Method 2: How to Smoke Hash in a Bowl (Bubbler / Bong)

This is another very popular technique. This method applies to any waterpiece, whether it’s a bong or a bubbler. Because of the water filtration, this should also be less harsh on your throat. All you really need are your bong or bubbler, some hash, and a lighter for this one!

We recommend utilizing a screen at the bottom of your bowl to get the most out of your hash. Then put a little piece of hash in the bowl on top of the screen, and you’re done! You can now smoke it like any other bowl if lighting the hash is difficult for you; try using a torch lighter since they are more powerful.

Method 3: How to Smoke Hash in a Dab Rig

This is a procedure that you might not have considered before, but it certainly is! Because hash is a concentrate, this technique works well with it. To achieve this goal, you’ll need your dab rig, a blow torch, and some hash. Make sure there’s water in the chamber of your dab rig; this will aid in the reduction of harshness. It makes it an even healthier smoking method since you’re not burning the herbe but rather vaporizing it!

To begin, heat the banger with your blow torch (or e-rig if you have one). Once the desired temperature has been reached, you may use a dab tool to insert your piece of hash into the banger. When dabbing hash, we recommend using a carb cab and placing it over the banger while pulling before removing the cap while inhaling.

Method 4: How to Smoke Hash in a Vaporizer

Although this is how to ‘smoke’ hash, it will actually be how to vape hash, which is a considerably safer way of ingesting. You only need your hash and a vaporizer for this technique. Ensure that your vaporizer is compatible with concentrates before using the necessary accessories such as a concentrate pad, which comes as a spare with the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum vaporizers.

Set the vaporizer to whatever temperature you want, remove the concentrate pad from it (if necessary), and drop your hash in. You may now seal the chamber lid and begin inhaling through the mouthpiece while enjoying!

Method 5: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hot Knives Method

The hot knives method is a classic way of preparing marijuana. You’ll need two knives (butter knives are nice), your hash, and access to something hot (a stove or blow torch). Then you can either use the top half of a water bottle or a straw to complete this technique.

To begin, if you’re using the top of a water bottle, you’ll need to cut it in half and keep the top half on hand for later. Then, over your stovetop or with a blow torch, heat up your knives until they are almost entirely crimson. Take extreme caution! Allow the knives to cool slightly, then place a tiny piece of hash on top of one of them and press them together. It will immediately start smoking, so grab your straw or bottle top to suck in all of the smoke! Simply put the straw / bottle over the knives (but not on as this will melt the straw / bottle) and take a breath.

Method 6: How to Smoke Hash Using the Cup Method

This is another old school technique that’s still a favorite! This method is ideal for smoking hash but don’t have any of the necessary equipment. All you need for this approach is a cup/ glass, your hash, a pin/needle, and a little piece of cardboard (or anything else that you can stick your pin into to keep it upright, e.g. a coaster). You may also utilize a straw if desired.

To start, roll a tiny bit of hash into a snake form or a ball. Then secure the hash to one end of your pin / needle, then stick the other end upright against your cardboard or coaster by placing it on top. Allow the hash to smoke until it begins to smoke, then cover it with your cup / glass. If you don’t use a straw, make sure there’s enough of an airway for you to slide the cup over the edge of the surface and take in some air through that small hole; otherwise, lift up the cup and breathe fast but avoid letting too much smoke out!

If you’re using a straw, position it beneath the cup and raise it just enough so that you may draw in all of the smoke through the straw. This technique is intended to allow plenty of hashish smoke to accumulate inside the cup before you inhale it all!

Method 8: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hash Tube Method

This approach may appear strange, but it works. It just takes a few items that can be found in your kitchen! You’ll need your hash, parchment paper, and a glass mason jar (or cylindrical glass object). The goal of this method is to be able to smoke your hash alone like a joint.

To begin, form your hash into a snake (long and thin). Place your rolled hash between 2 pieces of parchment paper now. Next, heat your jar or cylindrical heatable object using your torch or place it in hot water to warm it up. You want to heat it until it is very hot, but not so much that the hash or paper on fire. Be cautious when avoiding burning yourself! Place your heated item on a parchment paper-lined tray and roll the hash in it into a flattened pancake form. Then pull the hash from the paper and wrap it in a tube. Allow it to dry for a few days before lighting it up and smoking it like a joint!

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Method 9: How to Smoke Hash Using a Pipe

Sebsi – Moroccan Hash Pipe

A Sebsi is a unique pipe used to smoke hashish. The Sebsi is a Moroccan pipe that was originally designed for smoking kief. Although the Sebsi is primarily used to smoke hash, it may also be used to smoke kief. Red clay is often utilized in the construction of the pipes. Typically measuring 12-18 inches long and made of wood, metal, or reed, they are usually 12-18 inches long and constructed of red clay. The bowls are generally composed of red clay.

The sebsi is a Moroccan pipe designed for smoking kif, herbal cannabis sometimes combined with local tobacco. If you are fortunate enough to own one, I highly recommend experimenting with hash since it’s an incredible piece of art!

Spoon Pipe

Spoon pipes are the most popular pipe among smokers. Smoking hash out of a spoon pipe is comparable to smoking it through a bong or bubbler. This technique is also ideal for sharing since the hash will burn away gradually, allowing you to pass the pipe around. All you need is your pipe (maybe a screen if you’re smoking the hash alone), your hash, and a lighter!

Place a tiny amount of your hash on the screen in your pipe and then light it until it smoking, as you pull through the pipe, you should see the hash burn through. That’s all there is to it. ENJOY!

Method 10: How to Smoke Hash Using Hookah

This technique is well-known among friends as a social pastime. Hash is ideal for smoking using a hookah since it burns slowly. You’ll need your hookah, hash, aluminum foil, and charcoal (which you should have on hand anyhow for your hookah).

To begin, fill your hookah three-quarters full with water before rolling the hash into big balls. Place the balls in the bowl on top of the shisha tobacco. Cover it with foil and poke several holes in it, then set a fire under it to get that charcoal red-hot. You’re ready to go!

Method 11: How to Smoke Hash Using the Bottle Method

If you don’t have access to any other smoking equipment, this is a technique that may help. This method aims to fill the bottle with smoke before inhaling, much like the cup approach, so you can take a big, tasty hit! All you need are a water bottle, scissors or something sharp, a cigarette or anything with a similar shape/texture, and a pin.

To begin, cut a tiny hole in the bottle with your scissors or sharp instrument, making sure the hole is large enough to accommodate the cigarette. Roll up a bit of hash and place it on one end of the pin, then stick the other end of the pin inside the cigarette so that it protrudes. Now light up some hash and put the cigarettes with the hash ends first into the hole in the water bottle. Remove the cigarette from your mouth and check to see whether any smoke has escaped. Once the bottle is full of smoke, remove the lid and cigarette, then cover the hole while breathing in through the bottle top.

Don’t use this method as it is not good for your lungs. It’s also not a great idea to smoke in plastic, so avoid doing so on a regular basis and make sure you don’t reuse plastic bottles as heating material may produce harmful chemicals.

Why people like smoking hash

People enjoy smoking hash since it is a readily available and simple to obtain cannabis concentrate that provides users a much more powerful high than normal flower. Hash is also rather adaptable, as seen in this guide, with a wide range of options for consumption.

Why people don’t like smoking hash

Hash, on the other hand, may not compete in terms of quality with other types of concentrates in today’s cannabis market. In general, hash has a lot more plant material and other contaminants than other, more pure concentrates now available. As a consequence, although hash is still considerably more powerful than flower, it is also much less potent than most current concentrates.

Which Method is Best?

It all boils down to personal preference when it comes to determining which approach is ‘best.’ However, at Nectar, we feel that the healthiest option is the best one. This is because you can employ it without having any obvious negative effects on your health or well-being. The more you use it, the less concerned you should be about your health.

The answer is the Vaporization Technique, which is also one of the most efficient. It just takes two pieces of equipment: the hash and a vaporizer — so it only requires 1 piece if you don’t include the hash! Your vaporizer should be adequate. Of course, as we previously stated, you must verify that your vaporizer is compatible with concentrates and that you utilize your concentrate pad if necessary.

The most healthy of the three is this approach, which also happens to be the most common. There are no chemicals present, so it’s very efficient and quick. You may use this method in anyplace since vaporizers are portable and inconspicuous. If you can’t discover a suitable vape, check out the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum Vaporizers, both of which allow for dry herbs and concentrates.


We’ve discovered that there are a lot of different ways to enjoy your hashish through this post! We also covered which technique at Nectar we consider the finest, which is of course vaping. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day!

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