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It’s also essential to have something to light your marijuana with when it’s time to smoke a joint or bowl. The classic butane lighter is commonly used by smokers, whether it’s a Zippo or a Bic. Indeed, one could claim that a lighter is the second most important piece of equipment behind cannabis itself.

However, health-conscious marijuana users are seeking for a replacement to the traditional lighter or matches. The hemp wick has emerged as one of the finest choices. Let’s take a look at it further in this post.

ajax weed delivery 533x400 - Hemp WickWhat is Hemp Wick?

Hemp wick is a length of hemp twine that has been coated in beeswax. Consider it a long-burning candlewick, especially for pipes and bongs.

When you’re ready to use it, light the end with a match or lighter. You can then use it to spark your bowl as needed before blowing or shaking it out when done. Please be cautious not to burn yourself in the process. Additionally, because it’s slightly sticky, you have the option of keeping is wrapped and nearby your lighter or bowl for later use.”

Why Use It?

The idea is that breathing in hot butane from a lighter or the combination of chemicals, glue, and wood smoke from a match is worse for your body than inhaling flames from natural hemp twine. Keep in mind that hemp comes from cannabis plants—the same ones you’re already smoking (although there’s nothing inside that will make you high).

Hemp wick also burns at a lower temperature than a lighter, resulting in smoother hits and greater terpene appreciation. Even better, hemp wick minimizes waste by burning very little of what is burned.

How to use hemp wick

Using a hemp wick to smoke cannabis is not as simple as lighting up a regular lighter, but it’s well worth the effort. Learn how to properly light a pipe, joint, or bong with a hemp wick.

Unfurl the hemp wick

First, take your roll of hemp wick and remove the adhesive that’s holding it together so one end of the string is exposed and ready to use. Some hemp rolls come in lengths up to 800 feet long, so be careful not to unravel it entirely or you’ll have a big mess. Hemp wick also tends to be sticky because of the beeswax, so store it somewhere clean where there isn’t much dust or debris. This way, many smokers will keep a long piece of raw hemp wick near their lighter or bowl for easy access.

Light the tip of the wick

Ignite the end of your hemp wick using a lighter or match, then blow out the flame so that only the ember remains. Be sure to hold the freed strand away from any wind or fabrics. You may be wondering why it’s not ideal to use butane lighters, but don’t worry! The first light of the butane-gas fire is merely to get the burn started. The portion of hemp wick that touches the butane will immediately burn away, hence leaving your raw hemp wick chemical-free.

Wait for an even flame

Allow the flame to burn for a few moments to keep it going correctly and eliminate any residue. Once you’ve got a mild, uniform flame, utilize it as you would any other kind of fire to start your cannabis.

Light your weed with the wick

Hold the hemp wick at about a 45-degree angle in your mouth. To smoke, light the raw hemp wick on fire and hold it to the twisted end of the rolling paper for inhalation, just as you would with a lighter or match. Hemp wicks retain their form when held upright rather than flopping down like other twines or string.

Place the hemp wick into the bowl and take a puff to light a pipe or bong. If you like, you may leave the hemp wick lighter in the bowl for an even burn while inhaling.

hemp wick cannabis - Hemp Wick

What else is hemp wick used for?

Hemp wick is not only for cannabis smoking; it has a variety of uses. For example, the beeswax layer making it ideal to light candles, stoves, and campfires.

Hemp is a popular choice for crafters because of its organic look, vibrant brown coloring, and long-lasting durability. Hemp can be used to string jewelry, bind scrapbooks, make macrame crafts, and in packaging or gift-wrapping. Gardeners also use hemp wick to tie plants to support stakes.

The Verdict?

People who have trouble with coordination might want to think twice before using hemp wick, because they could end up setting themselves on fire. But if you’re just trying to relax and enjoy a bowl, the steady flame and mild beeswax aroma make it much better than using matches or lighters. Some people might still prefer the ash-less and tasteless experience that comes with burning butane, though.

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