Watermelon *Indica*


An indica strain is usually high in THC, and this one is no exception. The name “Watermelon” comes from the fact that it’s an 80% indica strain. It’s widely sought after as a complete relaxant that works quickly on both the mind and body, leaving no sign of tension or worry in your mood, making it ideal as a nightcap after a long and demanding day at work especially.

The uplifting qualities of this strain have made it a favorite among users. Users recommend smoking Watermelon through a bong since you get all of the fragrant characteristics that define the breed.

The Watermelon marijuana strain has an unmistakably sweet scent that is comparable to fruit-flavored candy. If you close your eyes and really breathe in the scent, you’ll notice hints of sugar and earthiness, as well as fresh strawberries.

The flowers of watermelon are large and chunky, and they maintain their shape when trimmed. Typically, sativa plants have a looser, chunkier appearance. The fluffy leaves, which may be pulled off with little effort from their main stems, are a brilliant shade of bright yellowish green.

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