Strawberry Cough *Sativa*


If you appreciate sativa-dominant strains, then lay your eyes immediately on Strawberry Cough! This outstanding hybrid was formed by the union of Haze X Strawberry Fields and is globally praised for its amazing flavor profile. It has a sugary strawberry taste with a hint of pepper in every exhale – an experience that any cannabis aficionado should add to their must-try list without hesitation! The smell of Strawberry Cough is delightful and fragrant with a distinct strawberry aroma that has an undertone of unique herbs, pepper, and sweetness. As you take in the smoke or vapor, you’ll be hit by uplifting cerebral effects that will stimulate your brain while leaving you coughing with each exhale. These impacts give rise to energy levels which can help fuel greater creativity as well as social dynamism. Additionally, a soothing body high will cover over your muscles to relieve any aches without causing drowsiness.

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