Purple Punch *Hybrid*


The pleasant and sedating combination of two indica-dominant classics is Purple Punch. The beautiful trichome-rich Purple Punch was developed by crossing Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, which has a scent of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and acidic Kool-Aid. Purple Punch is a delectable dessert strain that’s great for ending your day on a sweet note. Its functions may assist with nausea management, stress reduction, minor bodily pains, and sleeplessness.

While she may not appear to be very powerful at 20% THC, Purple Punch does have 1% CBD and, as a result, delivers a punch. The tastes and scents of this bud are reminiscent of being punched in the face, and rightfully so because there is a strong grape Kool-Aid scent. This is tempered by additional delicious tastes such as blueberries, vanilla, and herbs, which balance each other out.

You’ll almost feel like a balloon that’s rising into the sky as you lift your spirits. Both literally and metaphorically, bodily effects will start to kick in as you rise higher and higher, balancing out your state of melancholy with a strong dose of drowsiness.

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