Pink Crack *Indica*


Pink Crack is a classic indica-dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) that was developed as an indica high type of the legendary Pink Crack variety. This gorgeous bud has distinctive pink hues and a timeless high that makes you want more.

Crack is the strain that literally means “little diamonds.” The buds are small, dark green nuggets with a thin layer of pinkish white trichomes. The flavor is very similar, with a sweet fruity overtone that’s heightened by sour citrus candy as you continue toke.

Pink Crack is a classic strain with legendary Pink Crack parentage. It’s just as delicious as its well-known Pink Crack parent, with a lifted high that will make you feel ecstatic yet calm from beginning to end. At the start of the experience, there’s a mild cerebral tingle that removes any negative or rushing thoughts and replaces them with an euphoric bliss. Pink Crack is frequently used to relieve chronic pain, sleeplessness, hunger loss or nausea and sadness because of its tranquilizing effects and high 16-24% THC level and 1% CBD level on average.

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