Honey Bourbon Backwoods – Carton


Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars are a cigarillo-style cigar wrapped in an all-natural Connecticut Broadleaf. This mix uses a Homogenized Tobacco Leaf wrapper and Cuban Seed fillers from the Caribbean Basin. The tapered body, unfinished head, and frayed ends of the Backwoods Dark Stouts Cigars reflect its name. A backwoods cigar has a ring gauge of 27 and measures approximately 4 inches long. Honey Bourbon is a quick and well-burning smoke made out of sweet, golden honey combined with smooth Kentucky Bourbon.

Superb relaxation fills you with a sense of pure ease and pleasure in both mind and body, sticking with you for hours. The high begins with a lifted cognitive effect that makes you feel absolutely ecstatic and joyful, effortlessly banishing any gloomy or racing thoughts. Once your mind is lifted, your body will settle into a slightly couch-locked condition that leaves you completely at rest and at ease with the world around you.The Backwoods Dark Stout Cigar has a THC content of 22-23% on average.

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